Haoke Taiwan

Haoke Taiwan

Travel Package by Apple Vacations and Conventions
From RM3,399 / person


Day 1: Kuala Lumpur Taoyuan

Assemble in KL International Airport for flight to Taoyuan

Day 2: Taoyuan - Hsinchu - Miaoli

- Zhu Dong Market - The largest Hakka traditional morning market to feel the local culture.
- Beipu Old Street (DIY Hakka tea) - The most happening commercial area since Qing’s Dynasty, which still remain the monument and rich of Hakka culture.
- Hakka Culture Park
- Schokolake Country House (chocolate DIY per room) - Schokolake Country House is located in the hot spring, the entrance of the Taihu Township, famous for its strawberry, and it is completely surrounded by mountains. The exterior is made of European sloping roof and arched shape. The interior is decorated with warm European country style vintage red bricks with white lace.
- Story house guided tour
- Chocolate 3D theater appreciation

Day 3: Miaoli - Taichung

- Mile High Leisure Farm - Mile high leisure farm is a romantic and full of Hakka-style sightseeing farmhouse, the owner’s ingenious ingenuity, let you be full of surprises and admire this beautiful paradise. It is located in Dahu Township. When the weather changes and the temperature drops, the mist filled the mountains. This is also the origin of the master’s inscription “Mile High Leisure Farm.”
- Miaoli Rainbow Tunnel - With the LED light effect make the tunnel feel fantasy and well known as the most beautiful and oldest tunnel. Is a must check in point for IG!
- Green Waterway - A must check in point for IG! The characteristic lighting landscaping lights up the entire green waterway, is a must scenic spot for Taiwanese.
- FengJia Night Market

Day 4: Taichung - Hsinchu - Taipei

- Frog Rock Sky Walkpath - Frog Rock Footpath has a huge frog stone, amazing crafts like nature, walked up the foothpath, can enjoy the beautiful natural waterfall forest, and the natural spring source.
- Taipei 101 Mall (89th floor observatory by own expenses)
- Pineapple biscuit DIY
- Raohe Night Market

Day 5: Taipei

- Yehliu Geopark - Is a must to meet the “Queen” when you come to this prestigious geopark.
- Drive Pass Yin Yang Sea ※Subject to seasonal arrangement
- Chaojing Park - The emerging attractions of Keelung City, the gigantic broom bring you into the magic world!
- Abalone Breeding Farm - Located at the new city of Taipei with 30 years of history, it committed to cultivating high quality of Taiwanese abalone. It adheres to the principles of environment, breeding and cultivation details, respects the nature and do not use any of the medicine to ensure that abalone born in natural. Discover the abalone breeding farm, discover the mysterious life of abalone and taste the freshness of the Taiwanese abalone!
- Ximending

Day 6: Taipei / Kuala Lumpur

Transfer to airport for flight back home