Top 10 Kuala Terengganu Attractions (2022)

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Kuala Terengganu lies on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, located on the Terengganu River’s estuary, overlooking the South China Sea. You can discover everything here, from lovely small towns to beaches extending into pristine white sand stretches with crystal blue water beckoning you to dive right in. With so many things to do here, these are some of the best Kuala Terengganu attractions.

1. Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal)

Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal)
You won’t believe what you will see when taking the scenic trip to Crystal Mosque in the Islamic Heritage Park, Wan Man. As one of the religious Kuala Terengganu attractions, it is a place of worship and one that houses some actual crystals within its modern and sleek structure. The unique design includes 51 domes and4 towers reminiscent of Moorish Islamic architecture. The mosque reflects off the water at night and illuminates everything around it, making for an otherworldly experience.

Travellers will want to get their cameras ready because there are no better opportunities now. If you would like to get an entirely different perspective and see its beauty more holistically, then hop aboard one of the boat tours. You can also see the most incredible view of the mosque from a nearby bridge, which allows you to appreciate its majesty by giving the impression that the building is floating on water.

2. Terengganu State Museum

Terengganu State Museum


The Terengganu State Museum is one of the best historical Kuala Terengganu attractions that you can visit. The magnificent museum displays the historical items from the Royal textiles of the state and exposes a lot about batik. As one might expect from such a large museum, there are plenty more exhibits to explore, including the history of Terengganu and cultural artefacts showcasing different aspects of Malay culture through periods ranging back centuries before British colonization until now.

The Terengganu State Museum is for history lovers, with exhibits on traditional Terengganu houses and ships. It also holds information about funerals that date back to prehistory periods- one of the rarest museums in Malaysia.

3. Islamic Heritage Park (Taman Tamadun Islam)

Islamic Heritage Park (Taman Tamadun Islam)


The Islamic Heritage Park features the glory of Islam as its theme. It is a place where you can learn about the culture of Islam through its architecture. The outdoor edutainment park includes replicas of some magnificent mosques and monuments worldwide, including India’s Taj Mahal, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Haram Mosque and Turkey’s Suleymaniye Mosque. It will be interesting for tourists who want an insider look at this fascinating civilization without ever leaving their country or continent during the pandemic.

4. Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah)

Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah)


The mosque combines modern and Moorish architecture to create a serene environment. The use of marble, ceramics, mosaic works and concrete paving in one of the must-visit Kuala Terengganu attractions creates an amalgamation between old-world traditions with the latest trends in design that would befit any culture or individual looking for spiritual guidance. The view outside of this religious building and the artificial lake surrounding it makes this a great place to take photos.

You can buy some fish food from vendors nearby because we all know how much they love being fed by humans. Visitors also have plenty of opportunities in and around town: there is an extensive park where one might enjoy their time with friends or family members alike.

5. Chinatown Kuala Terengganu

Chinatown Kuala Terengganu


One of the best things about Chinatown, located along Bandar Street, is all of its secrets. You can learn so much by looking at some alleyways and exploring on bikes or on foot, especially the architecture and historical information given here throughout various alleys. The street that was almost dead is now transformed into a turtle alley.

It is specifically dedicated to creating awareness of preserving the species through artworks and messages. Chinatown has been said to have a lot more life, and people love going there for its unique charm, including cheap accommodation and some modern cafes. The many restaurants in this Kuala Terengganu attraction are known for their delicious and authentic dishes. You can try out different cuisines like mini buns, keropok lekor (a fish sausage served with homemade chilli sauce), and nasi dagang.

The narrow alleyways of Chinatown are a great place to take pictures and enjoy the taste of this unique culture. Colourful umbrellas are strung up above the lane street, making it a perfect scenery for your Instagram feed. It is suggested to visit this location early in the morning to avoid the heat during the afternoon.

6. Abidin Mosque (Masjid Abidin)

Abidin Mosque (Masjid Abidin)

(source: Mohd Zairi Mohamad Rozali/flickr)

The Abidin Mosque stands out as one of the most beautiful mosques and Kuala Terengganu attractions in this city with its pure white exterior. The mosque was completed during Sultan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mansur Riayat Shah (Sultan Zainal Abidin II) and went through multiple renovations over time. The architecture of this mosque is a marvel to behold.

The carving on all sides and doors shows exquisite craft, as does the artful calligraphy from the Quran that has been beautifully inscribed in Arabic script with beautiful Malay woodcarving. Visitors can also enjoy viewing local artisans at their craft; these impressive skills date centuries before Malay and Chinese carpenters. In addition, they also added insights from other cultures, such as those brought over by traders during different periods, which adds an extra touch that not many mosques have.

7. Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary

Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary


Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary is located in the northern part of Redang Island, which has become one of the premier turtle nesting beaches in Malaysia. It is also where you can spot hawksbill and green turtles during their annual migration season in May through July, when they come to lay eggs on this beautiful stretch of beach. Watch as researchers track mother turtles, guard eggs at night or spend time talking about what it’s like to live in an environment rich with history and natural beauty – all while making new friends along the way.

This beach is closed for everyone except Sea Turtle Research Unit volunteers. Become a part of the SEATRU Volunteer Program to get close with the sea turtles and other wildlife. The program runs annually from April through September each year.

8. Pandak Beach (Pantai Pandak)

Pandak Beach (Pantai Pandak)


Pandak Beach is a place of wonder with clear water and blue skies that make for some fantastic sunrises. The crystal clear water with fine sand underfoot will make any traveller happy, especially those who come looking forward without expectation or regret when they find themselves here among such serene beauty. You will find hermit crabs here, and they’re docile and cute.

The evening is the best time to get your fill of delicious delicacies, such as keropok lekor goreng. You can find restaurants that sell local treats such as shrimp or fish dipped in flour at night. If you want a more serene experience, this Kuala Terengganu attraction is one of your best options.

9. Maras Hill (Bukit Maras)

Maras Hill (Bukit Maras)
The Maras Hill is a 4.5 kilometres trail that will take you an average of 30-45 minutes to reach the top. Don’t be discouraged by the steepness of some parts, but with the right shoes, you can quickly get to the peak. There are many rewarding moments on this trail.

Once there, at an altitude of 329 meters above sea level, one can enjoy breathtaking views and fresh air like no other place anywhere. As one of the recommended natural Kuala Terengganu attractions, it can also serve as an enjoyable camping spot as you watch the city lights up like a metropolis from afar.

10. Batu Burok Beach (Pantai Batu Burok)

Batu Burok Beach (Pantai Batu Burok)

(source: piJoL/twitter)

There is no better way to relax after a hectic day than with an evening at one of the most beautiful Kuala Terengganu attractions. Suitable for tourists and families alike, Batu Burok Beach provides many amenities, such as playgrounds that will keep your children happy while you enjoy some relaxation on their shoreline sand. If hunger strikes between trips out into this beautiful landscape, there are plenty of food stalls where one can find anything, including nasi dagang, ice creams, sodas and keropok ikan.

On windy days, you can see many kites in the sky. Some are colourful and cute, while others have playful characters that make watching them even more enjoyable.

Terengganu is a beautiful state on the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and it’s home to many natural wonders. While there are many gorgeous beaches in the area, the many beautiful, natural and historical attractions in Kuala Terengganu make this a city worth visiting. This city is also home to an extremely lively Chinatown, where you can find many good restaurants serving authentic Chinese food, which is a great place to hang out and take a break from the usual beach activities.