Top 7 Kulai Attractions (2022)

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Kulai was formerly known as Gui Lai in the 1920s. It is said that when the rainy season began, both sides of the Kulai River were flooded, causing dozens of turtles to gather on the banks and make their way to town. This incident earned the nickname Gui Lai among the Hainanese community, translating to “tortoise arrive”.

However, due to the difficulty of writing Gui Lai in Chinese scriptures, the name was subsequently altered to Kulai. The town of Kulai is just 29 kilometres from Johor Bahru city and 8 kilometres from Skudai. Kulai has many unique hidden treasures, just like this little-known fact. And we’ve compiled a list for you.

1. Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest

Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest


Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest is worth a visit if you’re looking to do some terrain trekking, nature therapy, or refresh your souls. It’s only one and a half hours from Singapore and is close to the Kulai toll plaza exit, so stop by for an excellent uphill workout. You may either walk along the tar road or take on the challenge of walking into the forest.

Both routes will provide you with a unique experience and view. After a long trek, you may cool yourself by dipping in the waterfall. Local fauna such as the gibbon and the southern pig-tailed macaque can be seen if you’re lucky.

2. Putuo Village

Putuo Village
Putuo Village is a peaceful retreat for anyone seeking some break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This serene temple, located 30 kilometres from Johor Bahru, serves as a site of Buddhism history, history, and art. The bamboo trekking route is relatively large, and you may stroll or even hike across it.

There’s also a Fat Bamboo Cafe where you may relax with a cup of coffee and a snack. The artificial bamboo forest landscape, giant hanging nests, shrines, and rainbow backgrounds are aesthetically pleasing enough to be photographed and shared on your socials.

3. Palm Resort Golf and Country Club

Palm Resort Golf and Country Club


It is one of the best golf clubs in the city which has three well-maintained courses, each with its character. It offers excellent top-notch short game facilities and fast running carts. This premier golf destination has 18 holes in each course to test your skills and satisfy your golfing craving.

4. Star Fish Leisure Farm

Star Fish Leisure Farm


If you want to go on a vacation without using the Internet, Star Fish Leisure Farm is the place to go. Make sure you’re ready to catch fish because a real fisherman will teach you how to feed the bait to the fish and everything else about fishing. Not only that, the water obstacle course, kayaking, and floating boat challenges make this an excellent place for team building and group activities.

A tiny animal farm including a rooster, rabbit, geese, and bees is also part of this aquaculture fish farm.

5. Hua Guo Shan Temple

Hua Guo Shan Temple
Hua Guo Shan is named after a Chinese mythological figure, Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King of Hua Guo San from “Journey to the West”. As the name suggests, there are many monkeys, and you may watch them doing insane stunts like swinging on a cable and diving into a pool to cool down in the hot weather. Hua Guo Shan honours the Thailand Buddha, and Guanyin Bodhisattva is seated atop the hill.

The twelve animal statues representing the Chinese zodiac contribute to the temple’s tiny hill’s charm.

6. Kelapa Sawit Wall Art

Kelapa Sawit Wall Art


The mural is very vibrant and filled with colour. It is a hidden gem where the artwork varies from Japanese anime characters, Hakka cutting boards, minimalist paintings, interactive murals and many more. These street arts can be found in a small street area, located in the middle of buildings filled with local businesses in Jalan Kelapa Sawit.

7. Nanyang Fish Farm

Nanyang Fish Farm
Nanyang Fish Farm is located in Air Bemban, Kulai, and it only takes around 30 minutes from Johor Bahru. The fish farm has a broad range of tropical fishes, including koi, guppy, tinfoil barb, arowana, etc. They also sell various kinds of aquatic plants, aquarium equipment and other pet food products.

Many people assume that Kulai, the smallest district of Johor, has little to offer tourists other than the exquisite Hakka cuisine. On the other hand, Kulai has its own tourism experience that may provide a pleasant change from urban life. Hiking trails, animal farms, golf courses, and street art are just a few of the things to do and see. Kulai residents, like those in other small towns, are kind, accommodating and hospitable to travellers.