Top 7 Segamat Attractions (2023)

Segamat is a district located in the north of Johor Malaysia. Local legend says it got its name from Bendahara Tepok, the Bendahara of Malacca Sultanate who described water from the Segamat River as segar amat (very fresh) when he took some refreshing drinks here. Indeed, the beauty and grandeur of Segamat have made the district worth exploring. The natural wonders you can find around Segatam include recreational forests, cascades, etc. Aside from that, there are plenty of other great locations to see in the district as well!

1. Broken Bridge (Jambatan Putus Buloh Kasap)

Before independence, the British were in charge of constructing and developing road and rail transportation to accommodate the tin fields, commercial centres, and agriculture sectors in Peninsular Malaysia. They also constructed a bridge at Kuning Patah, a tiny town near Buluh Kasap in Segamat, Johor. The old bridge, which crosses the Muar River, was bombed by Japanese soldiers during World War II. The historic bridge is no longer in use, and it stands as a fragment of a tragedy. It is a shame that the bridge has been abandoned and is no longer preserved as a part of history.

2. Sungai Bantang Recreational Forest (Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Bantang)

The tranquillity of a forest is something that everyone should experience. Sungai Bantang Recreational Forest in Bekok provides just this, with the rivers being calm and inviting for those who want to swim in its waters while also having plenty of scenic views from the cascades. With their clear waters that allow one to see clearly even faint traces of aquatic life! There is also plenty more than just tranquillity waiting on your next adventure—you might spot moss growing against rocks due to only density moisture in this poolside paradise. If this sounds like your idea of paradise then make sure not to miss out by visiting soon! There are gazebos for picnic facilities and some food stalls to buy from if you are hungry! Hikers can trek or hike in this area without issue too, just make sure that they obtain permits at Segamat District Forest Office first before setting out on any lengthy walks.

3. Yun Feng Gong Temple

People of all faiths are welcome to find serenity at the Yun Feng Gong Temple in Jementah. The grounds are not only reserved for those practising Buddhism but they have a beautiful park where you can take a stroll while admiring the lush surroundings. This calm temple is also home to koi and arapaima fish. Visitors will enjoy feeding the friendly deer with their children. Throughout the Chinese New Year season, light bulbs and other ornamental things will illuminate this beautiful temple. The elegant lanterns will create a beautiful palace of glowing colour for visitors to admire as they enter a world filled with festivities unlike any other time of year!

4. Hakka Heritage Gallery Bekok

The Hakka Heritage Gallery Bekok in Chaah is a time machine for those who desire to revisit and relieve their nostalgia of living Kampung life. This is how one should describe the gallery that Peter Chai started with the goal of educating young people from rural areas on how things were done back before they became modernized. Their collection includes hundreds of tools, antiques as well as replicas of a village house. These memorabilia such as gramophone, vintage sewing machine, retro poster and others will give you an idea of how life was back then. The heritage space is a beautiful and educational experience. It gives just enough of an introduction into the Hakka culture for those who are interested without overwhelming them with too much information at once, making it enjoyable while learning.

5. Segamat Square (Dataran Segamat)

Segamat Square has been a viable avenue for the country’s Independence Day celebration at the Johor state level. The name Padang Besar was once used to identify this location, but it is better remembered now as Dataran Segamat following several successful events. Renovations were done, not only the clock tower but also a replica of the durian was placed next to it as the main attraction and landmark of Segamat city. At night, pasar karat, a night flea market is set up to sell a variety of items including vintage items. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of vintage treasures, try the night flea market at pasar karat. If it’s Hari Raya season and all the traditional attires are on sale-like baju melayu or baju kurung, then this is just what you need to complete your look!

6. Hutan Lipur Jeram Tinggi Jementah

When you are looking for a serene retreat, Hutan Lipur Jeram Tinggi in Jementah is exactly what your eyes need. This isolated pocket is roughly 20 minutes drive from the Segamat township, and you will pass through local villages, narrow orchard roads and an abundance of rubber trees. The pleasant sound of water rushing through the rocks will greet you as soon as you arrive. It is difficult to hear anything other than nature’s quiet rushing murmur once your feet are immersed in water. The water is clear and shallow, making it perfect for kids who like to swim or play in rivers. Picnics on dry land or in one of the neighbouring shelters are both excellent options. Before you visit, make sure you have a permit from the Segamat District Forest Office to enter this lush area.

7. Taka Melor Forest Eco Park

Taka Melor Forest Eco Park is a hidden treasure in Malaysia located at least 18 kilometers from the town of Labis. The eco-park has the least interaction from human beings, making it an attractive destination for nature lovers who love to explore off the beaten path without any hassle or interruption of their vacation time. It can be hard getting there though, GPS may not always work due to the lack of phone signals which makes asking for help from locals essential. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll finally come across this beautiful little waterfall complete with clear water perfect as an afternoon cool-down dip! If that sounds too good, then just know there are some unique insects found nowhere else besides these jungles, especially beautiful butterflies if one takes time to look carefully.

It’s no secret that Segamat is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful and intriguing towns. It just so happens to be located amidst some very secluded areas which leave it out far from any major cities or attractions! That being said, with its serene beauty unmatched anywhere else, there are so many hidden gems in Segamat still left to see and explore. This town has a lot going on for it! But as much fun as exploring these places, don’t forget your environment. The world we live in today is one that has been heavily impacted by human activity over time periods ranging from decades up until centuries past. So, be part of the solution, not the pollution!