Top 15 Attractions in Putrajaya (2024)


Putrajaya is a planned city, and it is also where the federal administration offices are located. Spanning across 5,000 hectares of land, Putrajaya is a modern city with impressive infrastructures and has a good balance of natural landscape. Here are the top 15 attractions in Putrajaya that you should visit when you are here.

1. Agriculture Heritage Park

Agriculture Heritage Park

One of first attractions in Putrajaya that you should visit is Agriculture Heritage Park. It is an education park that is dedicated to local agriculture, and their market values. There are so many things you can learn in this place from tapping a rubber tree to learning how to distinguish the different herbs and their benefits. There are also many tropical and fruit trees located in the same vicinity, which you will get the chance to sample them and even buy some home to be shared with your family and friends.

2. Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Another one of the most popular attractions in Putrajaya is Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. You will get to explore the city and see all the charms that it holds by going on a cruise that will take you around the scenic Putrajaya Lake. The cruise is available all day, so you will get to see the beauty of this city no matter what time you hop on the journey.

There are a few types of cruises provided, which you can check at the ticketing booth regarding the timing and duration of each cruise. However, do take note that night cruises are only available on Friday and Saturday, from 7:00pm onwards.

3. District 21

District 21

District 21 is a massive theme park located in IOI City Mall. There are 10 attractions that will get your adrenaline going in this theme park that spans across 70,000 square feet of space. The attractions here will ensure a good exercise session for the entire family, as there will be many running, climbing, flying and sliding actions. The best part of this place is that it is in an enclosed area with air conditioner to keep you cool.

4. Darul Ehsan Palace (Istana Darul Ehsan)

Darul Ehsan Palace (Istana Darul Ehsan)

Darul Ehsan Palace is another one of the many attractions in Putrajaya that you should visit. This palace, one of the royal residences of the Sultan of Selangor is constructed in the year 2000 and is situated by the Putrajaya lake. While the public is not allowed to step into the vicinity unless for official reasons, you can still enjoy the beauty of this building with its large glass windows and grey walls from the outside.

5. Millennium Monument

Millennium Monument

Located in Precinct 2, this monument is the second national monument that was built in Putrajaya. This obelisk-shaped structure is 68 metres tall and sits on a 25-hectare park. On the walls of this monument are etchings denoting the country’s important history and milestones. If you visit this building during the night, you will be able to see lights projected from the building that serves as a beacon.

6. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Located in Precinct 15, the Natural History Museum is a modern two-storey glass building in Putrajaya. This is a fascinating place to visit as you will see a variety of relics, fossils, insects and mammals collections. One of the highlights of this Putrajaya attraction is the 40-foot long skeleton of the Bryde’s Whale, which is hanging from the ceiling on the ground floor.

7. Perdana Putra

Perdana Putra`

Perdana Putra is also known as the office complex of the Prime Minister Office of Malaysia. This six-storey natural stone clad office complex is located on the hill of Putrajaya, overlooking the city. This building with Islamic-Mogul architecture, inspired by Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad (Malaysia’s 4th prime minister) is one of the most important attractions in Putrajaya.

8. Putra Mosque

Putra Mosque

This mosque is located next to the Prime Minister’s Office Complex and is the official mosque of Putrajaya. You will be able to see the minaret and dome that is made of rose-tinted granites from afar. As an iconic Putrajaya attraction, the mosque is open for the public who would like to see this building up close.

9. Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Putrajaya Botanical Garden is one of the biggest botanical gardens in Malaysia, with a size of 230 acres. This park was designed to be a plant sanctuary that is divided into three sections: ornamental plants, flowers and also preservation plants. Some of the key features that can be found in this plant sanctuary are Explorer’s Trail, Canopy Bridge, Heliconea Trail and Vine Garden, Pandanus Walk, Canna Walk and Fern Garden.

10. Putrajaya Equestrian Park

Putrajaya Equestrian Park

If you love horses and have always wanted to try out horse-riding, this is the place to be. Putrajaya Equestrian Park is a horse-riding school that also offers joy rides and easy ride courses for beginners with an affordable price. Not only that, the fact that you can arrange a private photoshoot session with the beautiful horses is why this is one the most popular attractions in Putrajaya.

11. Putrajaya Lake

Putrajaya Lake

Putrajaya Lake is a huge 600 hectare man-made lake located in the heart of Putrajaya. As much as it acts as a natural cooling system for the state, it is also a place that many people come to enjoy the water sports that are available here. If you are not a big fan of getting into the waters, you can go on a cruise here and stroll through the water while admiring the beauty of Putrajaya.

12. Putrajaya Water Sports Complex

Putrajaya Water Sports Complex

Situated next to the Putrajaya Lake, this Putrajaya Water Sports Complex has a massive indoor swimming pool that everyone gets to swim in. Apart from the swimming pool, other water activities that are available here are wakeboarding, waterskiing and many more. If you are hungry from all the swimming and water activities, there are cafes here that you can eat in.

13. Putrajaya Wetlands Park

Putrajaya Wetlands Park

Recognised by UNESCO as the leading Ecohydrology Demonstration Site, this place is a perfect place for family gatherings. You will be able to see all kinds of birds here, especially those rare migratory birds that travel from the northern hemisphere to escape the winter. If bird-watching is not your thing, you can also rent a bike to cycle around the park and enjoy things at your own pace.

14. Seri Perdana

Seri Perdana

When you see this building, you will realise the similarity of the architecture on both Seri Perdana and Perdana Putra. This is because Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister. If you are interested to take a glimpse into the official residence of the high profile figure in Malaysia, you will need to book a tour in advance through the website.

15. Seri Wawasan Bridge

Seri Wawasan Bridge

Seri Wawasan Bridge is the icon of Putrajaya, standing at 315 feet above the ground. Resembling a boat’s sail, this futuristic bridge is supported by 30 pairs of cable arranged in a fan space formation. This is one of the must-visit attractions in Putrajaya, and many people will visit Putrajaya to see this bridge. During the night, the bridge is lighted up with interchangeable colourful lights.


Putrajaya offers so much diversity from its progressive buildings to museums that highlight the Malaysia roots. Many attractions in Putrajaya here are created to encourage the public to go outdoors and explore all that the city has to offer. Located just a short drive away from the Kuala Lumpur, you are guaranteed to have a good time here.