Top 5 Bentong Attractions (2022)

The beautiful hills and countryside of the Bentong district include the beautiful resorts of Cameron Highlands and Bukit Tinggi. It is 80 kilometers northeast of Kuala Lumpur, with its primary range being the Titiwangsa Range, the district is a lush, green area located west of Pahang. It has a mountainous terrain with some resort towns for tourists to enjoy their time off work or school while overlooking beautiful scenery.

1. Japanese Village and Rabbit Farm at Colmar Tropicale

The French-themed village of Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi is a dreamlike escape for those who love the golden age of the Colmar township in Alsace, France. The architecture and designs of old settlements like Riquewihr, Turckheim and Kaysersberg were used to craft this village-like environment that feels like you’re back in France! Even though it might not be your choice to stay in this most Insta-worthy resort, there is still plenty here worth seeing such as The Japanese Village and Rabbit Farm.

The Japanese Village is a great place for anyone who loves the outdoors. The garden contains both flora and fauna, making it an ideal spot to photograph wildlife or just enjoy being in nature on your own time! You can enjoy the view of hills, as well as greens from there. To get to any part of this spot you’ll have to hike up or downhill, but it’s worth every step closer to nature at its finest!

There are even some spa services available if your soul needs rejuvenating after all these walks. You may also snap photographs here wearing a kimono rented from a photo shop. The staff here are really helpful in helping you get into different poses so they’ll look good for when it’s time to share on Instagram. You’ll find crowds here especially during holiday seasons or weekends so plan accordingly.

Have you ever wanted to own a rabbit? As much as kids will love rabbits, they will also love visiting this Rabbit Farm. The farm is on a small plot of land where rabbits may be seen from the outside fence and some are permitted to go out, allowing the children to interact freely with them. You can pet, carry, and take photographs with them. There are several birds, as well as some serama chicken breeds.

2. Pulau Santap

According to legend, the Sultanate of Pahang once utilized a river island as a dining destination. It was a tiny island that had been formed above the confluence of waterways. The island was later given the name Pulau Santap. The term pulau is derived from the Malay word for island, and santap means to eat in the royal Malay language. However, over time the island was eaten away by erosion and no longer exists today. The river that flows in the serene village of Janda Baik has caused many chalets and resorts to be developed into places of recreation. In fact, it is a popular place among families and picnic-goers for a day trip or overnight camping. The inviting rover makes it the perfect spot to take kids since it is shallow and safe for them to play and swim.

3. Mount Rajah

The trek up to Mount Rajah’s peak, which rises 1 685 meters above sea level, will test your strength and perseverance. You can climb up to Mount Rajah via Kuala Kubu Bharu, Kampung Pertak in Selangor or Chamang Waterfall, Bentong in Pahang. Either way, the trek takes two days.

The trailhead would be beside a gazebo in the Chamang Waterfall parking lot. From there, it’ll take you about an hour and a half to get to the Mount Rajah entrance. Sungai Terling, the initial checkpoint on your journey, will take you around twelve minutes to reach. The second checkpoint will be Resam, which you can reach in half an hour of trekking. After another twenty minutes of hiking, Kuala Sg. Terling is the third checkpoint.

The trek will become more difficult from the third checkpoint, and thankfully you will be able to use a rope to help you climb. To reach the fourth checkpoint, Lata Naning, which is also the campsite, you’ll have to pass numerous streams. If you would not like to camp there, you can climb to the next checkpoint, Kem Batu Hijau which is one hour away from the previous checkpoint. After camping for the night, you may proceed to Permatang Guntong the following day. The large and beautiful trees at this checkpoint make it a popular resting point for many hikers.

The final checkpoint before the peak is Last Water Point, which would be extremely difficult to capture due to its steepness and necessitate rock climbing. However, when you reach the top, all of your problems and tiredness will disappear due to the magnificent natural beauty that you will encounter. The panorama of Genting Highlands and Sungai Selangor Dam, Kuala Kubu Bharu in Selangor is visible if the weather is clear and not foggy.

4. Bentong Walk

The Chui Yin Road will be closed to traffic, and the stalls of Bentong Walk will spring to life around 5.00 pm. It is an initiative by the municipality to bring colour to the small town located an hour away from the metropolis city of Kuala Lumpur. The town of Bentong is a bustling community that specializes in tourism.

There is a lot of local food and entertainment on the walk, with various themes each Saturday. Over a hundred food stalls will cater to your every culinary desire. There will be plenty of local dishes and products available, including kuih muih, yong tau foo, Taiwan chicken chop, and deep-fried snacks, honey, durian, fresh tofu cubes, and tau pok.

The most exciting parts of the experience will be stage performances, an arena for traditional games and activities for young children. This is very much like any other carnival you might go on – perfect if that’s what your heart desires as well.

There are also morning markets, but they are better suited for purchasing food, clothes, footwear, and so forth. The unique condiments of Bentong, such as soy sauce and ginger syrup, are also well-known throughout the region. The town of Bentong is likewise known for its ginger. It is indeed named the “King of Ginger” because of its excellent spice levels.

5. Bentong Gallery

Bentong Gallery is a historical gallery that features antiquities from the tin mining industry, which was once very important in this town. There are artefacts and antique items like typewriters, rotary dial phones, feature phones, record players, and even vintage Singer sewing machines on display as well! The museum also emphasizes local history with a number of exhibits, including an audio-visual presentation that traces Bentong’s history and the life of typical townspeople in today’s world.

There is no charge to enter, and you may learn about Bentong’s background and what life was like during those eras through infographics or photographs. The shophouse gallery also offers one of the best coffee in town with other beverages and hot foods. There’s also a section selling local produce like Bentong ginger, biscuits and souvenirs. It would be ideal to visit the gallery after touring the market, which is located within a short walking distance from Market Bentong.

Malaysia’s own isolated mountainous region, Bentong in Pahang is home to some of the most attractions and a must-see for thrill-seekers. From world-class resorts like Colmar Tropicale with its medieval French village atmosphere, spiciest ginger food to challenging hiking experience at Mount Rajah – this destination has it all! Another thing about this place? It’s also more serene than most other major attractions while being affordable too so it’ll fit into your budget just right well.