Top 11 Attractions in Bentong (2024)

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Just outside of Kuala Lumpur lies the town of Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. It is situated about 70 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur and is well-known for its lush greenery and cool climate. Some of the attractions in Bentong that you can find within the vicinity are waterfall, hot springs, outdoor activity parks, hiking trails, and a spiritual retreat, which makes it perfect for those who love nature.

1. Japanese Village

Japanese Village

Nestled atop a hill in Bentong, Pahang is the Japanese Village – a series of Japan-themed attractions that is a must-visit for any fan of Japanese culture. For the gastronomes among us, the Japanese Restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine that will tantalise your taste buds. If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, head to the Japanese Tea House, where you can enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Also, be sure to try your hand at feeding the koi in the stream nearby – it’s an incredibly peaceful experience. After working up a sweat exploring the village, head to the Tatami Spa for a hot bath to relax your muscles. And don’t forget to stop by the souvenir shop before you leave! So, if you are looking for a unique Bentong attraction that combines the best of both worlds, Japanese Village is for you!

2. Kechara Forest Retreat

Kechara Forest Retreat

What if you could have a holistic experience within a natural forest enclave, with all your needs met? That’s what Kechara Forest Retreat offers. Kechara Forest Retreat is a place of pilgrimage for those seeking spiritual enlightenment in the Tibetan tradition. It focuses on the total wellness of body, mind, and spirit through spiritual retreats, learning and conscious living within an environmentally conscious community.

Home to many deities and holy sites, it’s an integral part of this ancient religion that you can participate in or enjoy as one may feel closer toward wisdom from Buddha’s teachings. What’s more interesting, the food served here is also healthy and organic. If you are looking for a place to unwind, recharge and reconnect with yourself, Kechara Forest Retreat is the perfect place for you.

3. Lentang Forest Recreational Park

Lentang Forest Recreational Park

Bentong is home to some of Malaysia’s most beautiful natural attractions, and the Lentang Forest Recreational Park is a perfect example of this. There’s something special about it. Maybe it’s the tall old trees or the scattered small rocks that give it a Jurassic Park-like feel. Either way, it’s the perfect place to explore on a weekend getaway. And, there’s no shortage of things to do. You can hike, picnic, or catch a glimpse of some rare wildlife species. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at rock climbing.

This famous Bentong attraction also features a beautiful rainforest landscape with a river running through it. It is perfect for a day trip, offering hikers hilly terrain ideal for jungle trekking and the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the cold water of the Benus River. The Benus River flows through the park, providing pools, cascading waters, and even a waterfall at the distant edge. Whether you are looking for a peaceful place to relax or an exciting place to explore, the Lentang Forest Recreational Reserve is the perfect place in Bentong.

4. Chamang Waterfall

Chamang Waterfall

Locals and tourists are always looking for attractions in Bentong, and Chamang Waterfall is one of them. Only 15 minutes from Bentong town, the waterfall is located in a scenic valley and is fed by the nearby river. It has a height of 24 meters and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a perfect place to take a break from city life’s hustle and bustle and enjoy nature. Although the waterfall is not as big as some other waterfalls in Malaysia, it is still worth a visit if you are looking for a place to relax and escape the heat.

The waterfall has several sections, including a “wading pool” area, perfect for families with small children. The suspension bridge connecting to the opposite side of the waterfall is also a popular photo spot. Visitors can also explore the nearby forest park and spend some time hiking or picnicking in the shade. So if you’re looking for a waterfall with an aesthetic that is more natural and less trekking-heavy, then it’s time to head over to Chamang Waterfall.

5. Bentong Hot Spring

Bentong Hot Spring

Bentong Hot Springs is the place to be if you’re looking for a place to relax and soak up some natural hot springs. Located in the heart of town, this popular Bentong attraction is famed for its crystal-clear waters and scenic surroundings. There are two main pools to choose from. The shallow pool is perfect for those who want to take a dip, while the deeper pool is ideal for those who want to enjoy a long soak. What’s better, the water is just the right temperature for a soothing shower! No need to worry about entrance fees unless you want to use the toilet.

The eRYAbySURIA Hot Spring Bentong is located near the hot springs, which offer 3-star accommodations and plenty of amenities. If you’re staying at the resort, you’ll also have access to an additional swimming pool for guests. If you want to soak in the natural beauty of Bentong or enjoy some top-notch amenities, this is the place for you.

6. Bilut Extreme Park

Bilut Extreme Park

Looking for something different to do in Bentong? Why not try one of the most popular attractions in Bentong for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, Bilut Extreme Park? The park is in Felda Lurah Bilut, the first Felda settlement in Malaysia. It is just 18 kilometres away from the town of Bentong.

It is in a plantation area surrounded by palm oil trees. All the games are specially designed to fit Malaysia’s natural environment. This is a great way to explore the area’s natural beauties while enjoying a fun and safe ATV ride through the untamed natural rainforest. And if you’re looking for other exciting outdoor activities, why not try paintball, survival-style archery tag, and rock climbing? This is a great way to test your skills in an outdoor setting. So go check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

7. SWAT Paintball

SWAT Paintball

Imagine the feel of a jungle in your games. With minimal artificial props, you can have an authentic experience with SWAT Paintball’s packages for adults or kids who enjoy activities that revolve around nature.

SWAT Paintball is the perfect place to get your paintball fix, offering two fields that will suit any player level. For those who want a more intense game, the jungle field is filled with natural obstacles like trees and stones. And for those just getting started, the beginner’s field can be customised to smaller groups. If you’re looking for a paintballing experience that provides an opportunity to get in touch with your inner warrior and explore nature’s ecosystem – then look no further!

8. Bentong Walk

Bentong Walk

If you find yourself in Bentong for the weekend and are looking for something to do on a Saturday night, check out Bentong Walk, a night market. This unique night market provides a platform for youth to start their businesses and a place for shoppers to find unique items, enjoy delicious food, take in some incredible live performances and art, or take a stroll through this historic district. And since Bentong Walk is only open on Saturday nights, you’ll be sure to get the authentic night market experience and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Bentong to the fullest!

9. Garden Farms by Radiant

Garden Farms by Radiant

Garden Farms by Radiant (also known as GEMS) is one of the attractions in Bentong that you shouldn’t miss out on. Located in the Radiant Retreats resort compound, this idyllic retreat is spread out over a 3-acre hillside orchard, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Here you can enjoy an array of activities that will keep your family entertained for hours – from fishing and ninja courses to target shooting and bouncy playgrounds. You can also learn about different types of farms, such as the Fish Farm, Hydroponic Farm, No Dig Farm, and Mushroom Farm. Every visit also includes opportunities to plant fruit, trees, and vegetables, which can be brought home at the end of your visit. So why not add Garden Farms to your list and make some memories today?

10. New Era Organic Farm

New Era Organic Farm
(source: Newera Organic Farm/facebook)

The New Era Organic Farm is one of the top attractions in Bentong for those who want a first-hand look at how organic crops are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The farm covers a sprawling area of land, and visitors can stroll along the river and gardens, admiring the various fruits, vegetables, and flowers cultivated there.

You can also learn about the history of organic farming and how it has become an essential part of sustainable agriculture. In addition, the farm offers a variety of workshops and classes on topics such as organic gardening, composting, and sustainable living. And with vegetarian food and accommodations available, it’s perfect for families and groups of friends. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, visiting the New Era Organic Farm is a memorable experience.

11. Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi

Inspired by a town in France, Bukit Tinggi is another highland destination in Malaysia. The architecture resembles those of European castles, providing visitors with a place like no other in Malaysia. If you have time, why not stay here for a day or two for a cool and refreshing getaway.

While the above attractions in Bentong are some of the places that you check out when you visit this town, there are so many more natural places waiting for you to discover. To conclude, exploring Bentong must be on your bucket list if you are a nature lover.