Taiwan Tour Packages (2023)

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About Taiwan

Everyone that has visited this country will agree that Taiwan has one of the best foods in the world. Not only that, but Taiwan is also known to manufacture 70% of the world's electrical products. This country is made out of low plains with a variety of landscape across the country.

Not only does it have lakes, mountains, basin and rivers; 3 seas surround the country. The Pacific Ocean on the east, the East China Sea on the north and the South China Sea in the south region. The country experiences subtropical weather, with long summer months and short and mild winter during the year-end.

Where can you visit in Taiwan?

As one of the top destinations in Asia-Pacific, Taiwan possesses many unique attractions and diverse landscapes for all types of travel. Encompassing 35,581 square kilometres of land, Taiwan has six special municipalities which are Kaohsiung, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Taipei and Taoyuan. With so many things to see in Taiwan, some of the top must-visit sites in Taiwan are Jiufen, Shilin Night market and Taroko National Park.

A small town close to the city centre, Jiufen is an old street with plenty of teahouses and local speciality food. This place coincidentally inspired the making of a famous anime, Spirited Away.

The country is also famous for its night markets, and Shilin Night Market has to be the most famous and largest night market of them all.

Located a distance from the city centre, Taroko National Park is a beautiful natural gorge that is famed for its mountains and marble canyons.

For a fuss-free holiday, the Taiwan tour packages comes together with a list of top attractions that you will be visiting. It is extremely crucial to go through the planned itinerary before purchasing.

When should you travel to Taiwan?

It is fine to travel to Taiwan anytime but the best time to visit is during spring and autumn. The weather is cooling and refreshing to move around. Though flights and accommodation can be pricey during the peak months, you can also opt to travel from December to March. The average temperature is from 18 to 20-degree Celcius, and you will experience a moderate amount of rainfall.

Home to some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the world, the flower blooms early January and lasts till April. As it blooms two months earlier than Japan, it is a good stopover choice if you are in for a cherry blossom hunt around South East Asia.

The typhoon season in Taiwan happens every year from June to September, and it is best to avoid this period as it will hamper much of your travelling activities.

Taiwan tour packages will already have the best proposed activities based on what you are looking for. So you don’t have to worry much and just go with the flow.

How do you move around in Taiwan?

The most convenient way to travel around Taiwan is by train as most of the major cities are connected to this network. The instructions and signages are also translated to English, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Train services in Taiwan consist of the MRT, TRA and THSR that connect the north and south of Taiwan in just four hours.

Buses and taxi services are also available, whether you are looking for a budget or more comfortable travel.

As for your Taiwan tour packages, your transportation is already included in enabling you a stress-free and wonderful time in Taiwan. You are advised to plan out your own transportation during ‘Free & Easy’ days or if you would like to stray out of the proposed tour itinerary.

What is the recommended budget when you travel to Taiwan?

Taiwan is an affordable travel destination that is loved by many people. There is plenty of food, attractions and also natural parks that you can visit with a small fee. Depending on what you are looking for, you can still enjoy the best of Taiwan, even on a small budget. Here is a simple breakdown of the top expenditure categories in Taiwan:

  • Accommodation - Accommodation is aplenty in Taiwan, ranging from hostels to luxurious hotels. Depending on the area that you will be staying, the cost ranges from NT$300 for a dorm bed to NT$2600 for a hotel room for two. Taiwan’s homestay or locally known as minsu is also another accommodation option with an average starting price of NT$500.
  • Food - Food is affordable in Taiwan. Expect a starting price of NT$30 for each item. You can get cheap eats at the night market, fast food joints and mini-marts. Dine-in cafes and restaurants are slightly expensive, but it offers an incredible experience from NT$100 onwards.
  • Transport - Convenient and cheap is how we classify Taiwan transportation. The train services ticket price starts at NT$30. If you are exploring a particular city, you can also rent a youbike from kiosks that are usually located near to MRT stations. An hour rent will cost you NT$60.
  • Others - If you are travelling extensively and aim to visit many local attractions, we would suggest you get a Taiwan Fun Pass for unlimited entries a day. A one day pass is retailed at NT$180 and offers unlimited train rides as well. It also comes with a two, three and five days pass. Shopping in the night markets can be a cheaper option compared to those in shopping malls and boutique stalls.

Good news to those that have purchased one of the Taiwan tour packages, you will not need to worry about all these costs as these are included into the package. However, you are advised to still prepare additional cash for souvenirs or your own activities outside of the planned itinerary.

How do you choose the right Taiwan tour package?

With so many Taiwan tour packages available out there, it is important to select the right package to ensure you have a wonderful trip. First and foremost, you need to know which month you will be visiting, the budget and also places that you would like to visit in the country. Identifying what kind of trip you are looking for is also vital ; be it a family vacation, honeymoon, a nature or adventure excursion.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or a filled exploration, you will be able to identify it when you take a look at the proposed itinerary. With all these points covered, you are now on your way to a stress-free, convenient, and money-well-spent happy holiday to Taiwan.

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