Top 11 Attractions in Kuantan (2024)

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Kuantan is a beloved Malaysian city on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. As the state capital of Pahang, it is also home to lush forests and beautiful beaches for you to enjoy a relaxing time away from the bustling city lifestyle. With so many places to visit in this city, here are some of the best attractions in Kuantan.

1. Teluk Cempedak

Teluk Cempedak

Teluk Cempedak gets its name from the abundance of jackfruit trees found there. Cempedak is a tropical fruit with a sweet, soft, and creamy texture. The beach is now famous for friendly monkeys that do not harm humans.

The white sand of Teluk Cempedak beach stretches out into the calm water and becomes an exciting place to visit. This Kuantan attraction is a place where people can enjoy their holiday by doing activities such as swimming, beach sports, and many more. The beach also serves as a good place for people who want to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty because beautiful sceneries can be found on the beach.

Many restaurants and hotels on the beachfront attract large crowds during the daytime and at night. There are also several fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, etc. One of your favourite destinations to visit might be Starbucks on the beachfront. You may enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting outside at this location and watching the sunset over the ocean.

2. Sungai Pandan Waterfall (Air Terjun Sungai Pandan)

Sungai Pandan Waterfall (Air Terjun Sungai Pandan)

Sungai Pandan Waterfall, located about 25 kilometres from Kuantan, is crowded with people all year round. It is also known as Panching Waterfall among locals. As one of the must-visit attractions in Kuantan, the Sungai Pandan Waterfall has a magnificent view and can be seen from afar.

Many love to cool off at Sungai Pandan Waterfall by taking a dip in its refreshing waters while enjoying the breeze. It consists of beautiful cascading and rapids, two rivers joining from the hill down to the large pool, making it appealing for swimming, especially on weekends. Hiking along the paths through the hanging bridge to the other bankside, where you may take a plunge in the water and reach the top of the waterfall, is a great way to experience nature.

3. Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque (Masjid Sultan Ahmad 1)

Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque (Masjid Sultan Ahmad 1)

Masjid Negeri Pahang or Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque, the largest mosque in Kuantan, is located in the city’s heart. It also has four minarets, like the famous Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam, but with a distinct Ottoman architectural design. When the mosque is illuminated at night, it becomes a lovely sight while running across the enormous football field after sunset.

There is a tranquil feeling that will surely touch one’s heart while walking in the courtyard of this mosque. Some may even feel closer to God during prayer, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. However, serene does not mean uninteresting. The mosque is one of the most photogenic spots at Kuantan. It has a lovely view from sunrise and sunset, making it a perfect spot for photography.

4. Mini Zoo Park Teruntum

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum is one of the most beautiful mini zoos and attractions in Kuantan that you should visit. It is perfect for kids to spend their time learning about animals while having fun seeing them simultaneously. It is recommended that anyone who visits Kuantan put this in your plan., especially for families with toddlers.

The animal collection, including hen, deer, crocodile, buffalo, ostrich, lar gibbon and many more, is interesting for a mini zoo. They’ll enjoy their time here, and you should prepare to spend at least one to two hours here. This zoo is also a good place for a picnic.

The pedestrian walkway is shaded with large trees, so it’s pleasant to visit even on hot summer days. Some vendors sell meals and beverages and paid activities for children, such as painting, cycling, riding a train or a pony, or even a tiny, motorised bike. Overall, it will be fun to visit for family leisure activities.

5. Charas Cave (Gua Charas)

Charas Cave (Gua Charas)

Charas Cave lies at the bottom of the imposing 1,000 metres high Panching hills, which has an area of 86 acres in the small town of Sungai Lembing. This millions of years old cave is a major attraction among amateurs, professional archaeologists, and geographers. The unique rock formations were formed of granite and limestone. It will require you to traverse a series of steps to get to this Kuantan attraction, which might be difficult for older people.

The coexistence of the Chinese Sleeping Buddha and Shiva Linga within the cave reflects Malaysia’s multicultural and harmonious nature. The best time to visit is on a bright afternoon when the Buddha will be bathed in sunshine which makes the cave beautiful and soothing, and you’ll fall in love with it all – a must-see location for sure.

6. Gelora Park (Taman Gelora)

Gelora Park (Taman Gelora)

Located about 2 kilometres from the city centre is Gelora Park, a seafront recreation park with a beautiful landscape and jogging trek. This park is one of the major recreational facilities developed by the local authorities to promote the tourism industry in the state. Among the recreational activities in this attractions in Kuantan include jogging, walking, running, camping, and picnicking.

Not only is there a jogging trek that is shaded by the Casuarina trees, but it also has an exercise station and a children’s playground. On top of that, lotus and water lilies are abundant in the pond. This makes it an ideal place to jog in the morning and a good spot for some pictures.

There is also a good food court around the area for your refreshments. The “rojak ayam”, a Malaysian salad with a mix of flavours and textures, is a must-try. Bring along friends and family members to enjoy a picnic there.

7. Esplanade Park (Taman Esplanade)

Esplanade Park (Taman Esplanade)

Esplanade Park is a long-paved walkway near the Kuantan River along Jalan Besar. People come here to enjoy the gentle breeze of the sea while taking in one or two light strolls through their day with perhaps just enough time left over for some people watching. Esplanade Park is great for relaxing with its lush green trees and lit walkway.

It is also popular amongst joggers as this stretch of land has many lamp posts that provide ample light for exercising or fishing. The children have their play area to enjoy swings, slides, and other activities. Adults may take time out from all the hustle-bustle by sitting down on some comfortable benches offered beneath the shade trees overlooking the Mega View Hotel.

8. Batu Hitam Beach (Pantai Batu Hitam)

Batu Hitam Beach (Pantai Batu Hitam)

As the name suggests, Batu Hitam is formed out of fine, white sands and black volcanic rocks even though no mountains are nearby. This beach is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre.

The beach is a great place to take in the natural beauty of nature. The soft sand, clean water and refreshing breeze make this an ideal spot for relaxation with loved ones or friends alike. One can indulge themselves by experimenting at the Batu Hitam batik workshop while still being active enough not to be bored during their trip down south.

As one of the many beautiful attractions in Kuantan, the Batu Hitam beach has something that will suit everyone’s tastes – whether looking forward to beating some exercise into your system after work, grabbing one last swim before summer starts up again tomorrow morning, or picnicking with friends or family while enjoying yourselves in front of the beautiful sunset scenery. Batu Hitam Beach is also a popular spot for kite flying due to the strong winds, and you can easily find people selling kites and bubbles on the beach. For food lovers, rojak ayam and calong noodles are among the various types of food found along the food court.

9. Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Bukit Pelindung)

Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Bukit Pelindung)
(source: Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Bukit Pelindung))

Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest is open for walking to all hiking enthusiasts. The hike to the forest reserve is more than just a stroll in nature. The variety of tags on display here makes it an educational experience for all who visit, from children to seasoned naturalists learning about trees and plants up close.

Located about 5 kilometres from Kuantan town, a trek to Teluk Cempedak takes about 40 minutes. On weekends, the forests of Bukit Pelindung come alive, with trekkers starting their walk as early as dawn. While many trails and paths wind through this forested landscape, one thing is sure – everyone gets their fill of fresh air.

In this green haven for nature lovers, the famous night hiking is also gaining popularity among Kuantan folk. The forested areas surrounding this pristine preserve are genuinely awe-inspiring – so taking photographs of nature while travelling through these picturesque areas is a must. The hike is perhaps one of this city’s most challenging attractions in Kuantan. While the average hiker can complete this trek, beginners would undoubtedly struggle since the hiking trail is a 30–45-degree slope tarmac road.

10. Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall

Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of waterfalls, but there is nothing quite like this Rainbow waterfall. On a particular time of the day, you will be able to see a rainbow formed across the cascading waterfall. This magical sight is something you have to witness for yourself.

11. Bukit Panorama

Bukit Panorama

Panorama Hill is another hiking spot which promises a magical above-the-cloud kind of experience. To catch the sunrise, you can start hiking at around 5am. The hike is not too strenuous as there are cemented steps with a hand-rails in between. Even so, it is advisable to bring a torchlight, mosquito repellant and a windbreaker as it might be cold and chilly.

While most tourists head to Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands in Pahang, this city is Malaysia’s best-kept secret. It is a peaceful and restful getaway from the bustle of the metropolis – perhaps this is why locals adore it so much. The many natural attractions in Kuantan, such as the pristine beaches, lush hills, and other natural marvels, will ensure that your trip here is worthwhile.