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Unleash the power of Strategic Marketing to drive more sales to your restaurant.

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Capture the attention of hungry diners with our monthly reach of 200,000, ensuring your restaurant is in the spotlight and ready to savour success.

Step #1: Creation
We create content that works for you – articles and videos.

Step #2: Discovery
The content that we have created will then be shared across our website, email database and social media.

Step #3: Engagement
Once the customers are aware of your restaurant, we take the next step by redirecting traffic from banners, emails and social media to a longer form content on our website, for customers who are more serious and want to know more.

Step #4: Reminder
Now that customers already have a certain level of interest, we will drop email reminders across the week to remind them about you and convince them to take the next step, to actually eat in your restaurant.

Step #5: Remarketing
Finally, we will adopt a separate marketing strategy for customers who eat in your restaurant to encourage them to visit again and build a positive impression.

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Limited to 50 slots only!

Why is this approach important?

We believe in long-term success and meaningful customer engagement. Here are some key insights as to why.

Customer Satisfaction is Important

59% of customers will give up on a restaurant after several bad experiences, and 17% after only one bad experience.

Retaining Customer is Better

Getting a new customer is 5 to 25x more expensive than retaining an existing one. And if that is not enough, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to more than a 25% increase in profit.

Social Media Fatigue

And if you (or a service you engaged) have been relying on social media, there is bad news for you. With so much noise and similar style of videos, 24% of users now use social media less frequently.

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Limited to 50 slots only!

What are the services included?

Here are some of the services that we will provide to you.

Content Creation

We craft compelling articles and videos that resonate with your target audience.

Sitewide Reach

Your restaurant, food and promotions will be strategically promoted across our assets and channels for 6 months.

Featured Pages

A permanent page and blog post featuring your restaurant will be created, written and promoted.

Google Maps SEO

Enhance your online presence and visibility by optimising your Google Maps listing.

Campaign Management

We handle every aspect of campaign execution, from ideation to promotion, ensuring a seamless experience.

Market Intelligence

We provide valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to refine your marketing strategies.

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Limited to 50 slots only!

Why work with us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us.

A-to-Z Service

We meticulously manage end-to-end campaigns – from ideation to asset creation and targeted promotion.

Huge Reach

With a monthly reach of 200,000, we strategically promote your content across our diverse assets and channels to put your restaurant at the top of consumer’s mind.

Guaranteed Result

If we do not hit our agreed target, we will extend our services to you for an UNLIMITED period with no additional cost until the target is achieved.

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Limited to 50 slots only!

How much does it cost?

RM833 / month

(Minimum 6 months)

This crazy introductory price for Klang Valley is only available for the first 50 restaurants and once all slots are taken up, it will never be offered again.

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