Top 6 Batu Pahat Attractions (2022)

batu pahat


As one of the more photogenic towns in Malaysia, there are many Batu Pahat attractions not to be missed. Many would call this town underrated or unheard of, but once you step into its boundaries, you will regret there aren’t more Instagram posts with #batupahat. While it is located quite a fair distance from Kuala Lumpur, it’s pretty accessible and easy to get here through the many bus services to Batu Pahat.

1. Minyak Beku Beach (Pantai Minyak Beku)

pantai minyak beku

One of the preferred Batu Pahat attractions for people to take photos because of its panoramic beauty during sunset. The beauty of nature in its glory can be seen when dusk begins to set in and becomes the best location in Johor to watch the sunset on the western horizon. This beach is the ideal spot for family gatherings and picnics due to the facilities of street vendors, public restrooms & shaded pavilions over the water.

It is also known for the Batu Pahat Well, which is located near the mouth of the Batu Pahat River. This well was dug by the fleeing Siamese troops when they failed their attack on Malacca during the reign of the third sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansur Syah. The district of Batu Pahat (which meant chiselled stone) got its name from the incident whereby the Siamese soldiers chiselled a hole in the rock until water flowed.

2. Chong Long Gong Temple

chong long gong temple

Chong Long Gong Temple is a holy place for the local Chinese in the sleepy fishing village of Segenting. The temple was well-known for its fish-touching rite, whereby touching the head of the giant arapaima fishes in the pond will bring you prosperity. Apart from that, there is a jetty for fishing boats nearby with a sea view, which is ideal for a stroll and provides a perfect and calm sunset scenery for photographers.

There is also a bridge known as the Lovers’ Bridge and it became one of the romantic Batu Pahat attractions for courting couples in the village. The locals think that if a man and a woman walk across the bridge, they will fall in love and marry. Along the way to this attraction, you can find local hawkers and shops that might sell your favourite childhood snacks and souvenirs.

3. Y Lake Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Tasik Y)

y lake recreational park (taman rekreasi tasik y)


As one of the more well-known Batu Pahat attractions, the park is ideally situated between the junctions of Jalan Sulit and Jalan Kolam Air and offers free parking. This recreational park is ideal for light meals and small family gatherings due to its numerous sitting spaces and shady trees. Throughout the day, small vendors and hawkers can be seen selling a variety of local cuisines and snacks.

For the running enthusiasts or casual walkers who want to take in the beauty of this artificial lake spread, there is a jogging path around the park. You can also see the residents practising tai chi and Zumba in the morning and evening. This park is also suitable for children as there are fun playgrounds and a couple of dinosaur sculptures.

4. Penggaram Square Batu Pahat (Dataran Penggaram Batu Pahat)

dataran penggaram

(source: royen photography)

Previously known as the town square, this open field has been revitalised to become more than a simple gathering spot for retailers and diners. This Batu Pahat attraction is a large open area that is located near the town’s centre. A stone hand chiselling a rock with a hammer in the middle of the fountain in Dataran was built as part of the town’s 100th anniversary and continues to serve as a visual narrator of the town’s history.

The area is also turning into an activity centre featuring locals with live stage performances, new year countdowns, and other community events that take place throughout the year. It is not surprising to see soccer tournaments, social gatherings and local street food in one of the most visited Batu Pahat attractions during the evenings.

5. DIY Playground Batu Pahat

DIY Playground Batu Pahat


A former waste dumping ground was transformed into a DIY amusement playground by an elderly man, Tan Ching Swee or fondly known as “Uncle” among the locals, using his savings and time. It was done to provide an entertaining playing space and experience for the kids in his neighbourhood. The facilities in this Batu Pahat attraction are hand-made using recyclable materials.

Among the facilities available for the kids are the zip line, manual pirate ship, slides and many more.

6. Si Hai Long Wang Temple

Si Hai Long Wang Temple


Si Hai Long Wang Temple, a Taoist temple, is one of the Batu Pahat attractions that you should not miss out on when you visit this town. This temple is made up of a significant number of colourful deity sculptures. The temple was named after “Long Wang” (Dragon King), the God of the Sea who oversees the marine creatures, the seas, and the weather, and it was built near the Batu Pahat River.

Apart from this temple receiving donations from the generous visitors over the years, the view here is lovely with a refreshing sea breeze.

The Batu Pahat attractions resemble a simple lifestyle of the community that looks for something fun and exciting in the small things around them. In contrast to the busy life of big cities like Kuala Lumpur or even Singapore, Batu Pahat provides a natural scenery surrounding this small town.