Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi), Penang: Travel Guide (2024)

Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi), Penang

Kendi Island is a beautiful place that tourists often overlook due to the island being uninhabited, but it is frequently visited by anglers due to its excellent fishing opportunities. It is located on the southwest tip of Penang Island and is the farthest around the area. This island has remained clean and beautiful because of its distance from Penang Island.

This island is also an excellent place for swimming, and it’s genuinely a snorkeler’s paradise, as you can still see rocks on the island’s seabed. This results from Kendi Island’s coral reef being healthy and alive. With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, this island is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

What to Expect in Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi)

What to Do on Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi)

1. Snorkelling

Kendi Island is home to various fish and coral reefs, so snorkelling is a great way to see some of the beautiful marine life that this island offers. Snorkelling equipment is readily available for rent, so there is no need to worry about bringing your gear. Plenty of guides can also help show you the best snorkelling spots. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, this island is sure to have something for you.

2. Enjoying rock formations

Kendi Island is unique for its geology – most of the island is made up of slate, a sedimentary rock. There are also other varieties of sedimentary rocks, including shale, sandstone, and limestone. The island is also home to many boulders, often covered with intricate patterns, shapes, and colours. Due to the variety of rock formations and boulders, it is a popular spot for rock collectors and nature enthusiasts.

Other than that, there are massive boulders strewn about and cliffs and hidden crevices. One of the most exciting things about this island is the tiny idols that adorn the cliffside. These statues range from one foot to several feet in height, representing various deities, including Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy. It’s unclear who placed these idols on the cliffside, but they create a fascinating sight for visitors to Kendi Island.

When to Visit Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi)

This island is a beautiful place to visit all year round. However, if you’re looking for the best month to snorkel is between October to March as the sea is calmer. The waves at other times of the year tend to be murky and can push up strongly, making it difficult to see through the water.

How to Get to Kendi Island (Pulau Kendi)

Kendi Island is a bit of a hidden gem; getting there can be part of the adventure. The only way to reach the island is by boat, and the only boats that go there are the fishing boats at Teluk Kumbar or Gertak Sanggul. So, you’ll need to approach one of the fishermen and arrange to be taken to this island. They’ll drop you off and come back later to pick you up.

The fishermen are usually happy to wait for an hour or two. At the same time, you enjoy yourselves on the island, but it is always best to check with them first to avoid misunderstandings. Make sure you have your mobile phone with you so you can call them when it’s time to return. And, of course, check that your phone has a signal and enough battery before you go, so that you won’t be stuck on the island with no way to call for help.