South Korea Tour Packages (2023)

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About South Korea

South Korea is best known for its influence in the global music and cinematic scene. The Korean wave hits the people with world renown K-Pop, Korean dramas and Korean movies such as Parasite. South Korea is located in East Asia, and the country’s total land area takes up to 100,210 square kilometres. 70% of the country is made out of mountains, hills and rugged land slopes. It is also dominated by a temperate climate with a distinct four seasons.

Where can you visit in South Korea?

South Korea is a beautiful country with a good mix of the traditional and modern world. One of the top travel destinations in South East Asia, there is plenty to see as the country offers nature, coastal and shopping retreats for all. Some of the top attractions you must visit are Jeju Island, Myeongdong and also Nami Island.

Named as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature in the world, Jeju Island is an island off the coast of South Korea.

Myeongdong, on the other hand, is a world-renown shopping street that is packed with beauty and retail stores. There is also plenty of street food you can sample here.

Nami Island is where the infamous Korean drama, Winter Sonata was shot. Shaped in a half-moon, this is a leisure place with plenty of green and rest areas for the visitors.

For a fuss-free holiday, the South Korea tour packages come together with a list of top attractions that you will be visiting. It is extremely crucial to go through the planned itinerary before purchasing.

When should you travel to South Korea?

South Korea has a temperate climate that has long winters with short spring, summer and autumn seasons. Spring and Autumn which happen from April to June and September to November respectively is the best time to visit the country. The weather is pleasant and is easy to move around. South Korea is one of the best places in the world to catch cherry blossoms and the park transformed into a sea of pink to the delight of many people.

During the Autumn months, you will be able to enjoy cooler weather of not more than 20 degrees Celsius and minimum rainfall. The country also offers gorgeous autumn foliage.

Summer months are short but can be very hot and humid in South Korea. Ticket prices for flight and accommodation are significantly lower with a lesser crowd during these months.

For those who love snow and would like to try on skiing and snowboarding, South Korea is the right place for you. With the country’s mountainous range, it is best to hit the slopes the moment winter comes.

South Korea tour packages will already have the best-proposed activities based on what you are looking for. So you don’t have to worry much and go with the flow.

How do you move around in South Korea?

South Korea provides an extensive network of highways, railways, bus routes, water and air transportation. The system is modern and efficient more so in the major cities of South Korea. These signs are clear and available in English and Chinese as well.

Taxi services are also available and are less expensive compared to neighbouring countries.

As for your South Korea tour packages, your transportation is already included in enabling you a stress-free and enjoyable time in South Korea. You are advised to plan out your own transportation during ‘Free & Easy’ days or if you would like to deviate out of the proposed tour itinerary.

What is the recommended budget when you travel to South Korea?

South Korea is an affordable place to live in and varies from the cities and suburbs that you are living in. Accommodation can be expensive in Seoul as it is the capital of the country. Nonetheless, it is a place where you will be able to stretch the dollar while enjoying the best of what the country has to offer. Here is a simple breakdown of the top expenditure categories in South Korea:

  • Accommodation - Accommodation is affordable in South Korea. An average bed in a hostel per night will cost you KRW 6,000 while a hotel room for two starts from KRW 16,000 onwards. There are also plenty of Airbnbs and guesthouses that you can rent at KRW 20,000.
  • Food - As one of the top food heaven in South East Asia, food is everywhere in South Korea. You can easily grab snacks and affordable meals from convenience stores, street foods and alley stores for an average price of KRW 5,000 to KRW 7,000.
  • Transport - If you are staying in major cities such as Busan and Seoul, transportation is affordable and convenient to move around. There are a few railway services available in South Korea where subways are the cheapest while ITX and Arex are faster but more expensive. Get a Korea Tour Card at KRW 4,000 for tourist savings when you travel by bus or subway.
  • Others - Though South Korea offers plenty of places where you can enjoy for free, there are some admission fees you will need to pay to enjoy such as the Namsan Tower, Lotte World or Everland. We will advise you to purchase tickets from providers such as Trazy, KKday or Klook for better savings.

Good news to those that have purchased one of the South Korea tour packages, you will not need to be troubled by all these costs as these are included in the package. However, you are advised to still prepare additional cash for souvenirs or your own activities outside of the planned itinerary.

How do you choose the right South Korea tour package?

With so many South Korea tour packages available out there, it is crucial to select the right package to ensure you have a pleasant trip. First and foremost, you need to know which month you will be visiting, the budget and also places that you would like to visit in the country. Recognizing what kind of trip you are looking for is also vital; be it a family vacation, honeymoon, a nature or adventure excursion.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or a filled exploration, you will be able to identify it when you take a look at the proposed itinerary. With all these points covered, you are now on your way to a stress-free, convenient, and money-well-spent happy holiday to South Korea.

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