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About Maldives

Known for its idyllic clear emerald waters, Maldives is one of the top destinations to visit in the world. Maldives is made out of 26 atolls comprising 1,200 islands with a total landmass of not more than 298 square kilometres. Sunny and humid all year with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the daytime.

Where can you visit in Maldives?

With 1,200 islands in Maldives, only 200 islands are resided by people. Intimate and an all-inclusive destination, some of the best islands to visit in Maldives are Maafushivaru, Biyadhoo and Maldives Conrad Rangali Island.

Maafushivaru is positioned in the south Ari Atoll that is famed to be one of the perfect honeymoon spots in Maldives. Private beachside candlelight dinners under the stars are just one of the many things you can expect to do here.

Biyadhoo, on the other hand, is excellent for diving and snorkelling activities. With its access to some of the best diving sites in Maldives, you will even get the opportunity to spot different types of sharks such as the reef sharks, guitar sharks and even the white-tip sharks.

Maldives Conrad Rangali Island is an exotic place, home to a beautiful all-glass underwater restaurant. Sitting 16 metres under the sea, you will get to dine while having the sea enveloping you.

Generally, Maldives tour packages will already have pre-planned attractions that you will be visiting. Therefore, it is important for you to go through the itinerary of Maldives tour package before making a purchase.

When should you travel to Maldives?

The best time to travel to Maldives is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. The traffic to the island peaks in December and March.

The off-peak season runs from May to November with dreary overcast with a high percentage of rainfalls. The wet season ends in November where you can experience a longer daytime with cooler weather.

The monsoon season in Maldives begins in May and ends in October. During this time all islands will be experiencing heavy downpours and strong winds. The monsoon season peaks in June , being one of the wettest months.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are specially curated Maldives tour packages available for you, so you don't have to worry about anything and just enjoy it.

How do you move around in Maldives?

Being surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the only means of moving about it by using a boat or a seaplane. Island hopping or transfer can be quite costly, depending on the distance. Most of the time, tourists will only stay put on the island of residence and utilize fully the facilities that are provided by the resort since it’s all-inclusive.

The journey to and fro from the airport to your hotel will take an average of 15 minutes to an hour-long. Depending on the location of your hotel, it is more worthwhile to take a seaplane as a 3 hours speedboat ride can be reduced to a 30 minutes journey. Though it might be more expensive flying in a seaplane, it is an experience itself to view the beauty of this country from a bird's eye view.

Maldives tour packages offer a fuss-free and comfortable travel plan as transportation is usually included in the tour package. However, you will need to plan your transportation during ‘Free & Easy’ days or if you would like to stray out of the proposed tour itinerary.

What is the recommended budget when you travel to Maldives?

The cost of living in Maldives is expensive, especially on accommodation because of the lack of land space. Maldives is known to be a luxurious, all-inclusive getaway, but there is a way around how you can make this into a budget trip. Here is a simple breakdown of the top expenditure categories in Maldives:

  • Accommodation - Accommodation rates range from MVR646 for a hostel bed and MVR1,292 onwards for a room for two. The cost of a luxurious water villa accommodation starts at MVR3,081 per night. For a budget option, you can stay in guesthouses on local islands with just a fraction of cost; from MVR462 onwards.
  • Food - If you are staying in a resort, meals are provided, be it full-board or half-board. Full-board is when all your meals are provided whereby half-board only covers breakfast and dinner. If you are staying in local islands, eating where the locals eat will save you a lot of money; estimate MVR207 a day.
  • Transport - A ferry journey of not more than 3 hours will cost around MVR46 per trip. Depending on your location, speedboat and seaplanes cost from MVR1,232 and MVR3,851, respectively.
  • Others - Most of the items are expensive in Maldives because everything is imported and heavy on tax. Transportation to the islands also adds up to the cost since they are located so far apart. However, it is possible to purchase local souvenirs from MVR20 onwards at the local markets. As for activity cost, half-day snorkelling on a private island will cost you from MVR25 onwards, and a single dive will cost you from MVR40.

If you have purchased one of Maldives tour packages, you don't have to worry about these costs as these are included in the package. However, you are advised to still prepare additional cash for souvenirs or your own activities outside of the planned itinerary.

How do you choose the right Maldives tour package?

With so many Maldives tour packages out there, it is essential to purchasing the right package to make your trip a memorable one. You can start off by making your selection based on the attractions that you would like to see during your trip, the budget and the month you will be visiting. Another crucial factor will be the kind of trip you are looking for; be it a family vacation, honeymoon, a nature or adventure excursion.

You might also want to look into the itinerary of Maldives tour packages and decide if you want something more relaxed or packed. With all these addressed, you are now on your way to a fuss-free, convenient, and money-well-spent happy holiday to Maldives.

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