Top 7 Subang Jaya Attractions (2023)

Subang Jaya is a city that offers a diverse range of intriguing and unusual attractions. It is located about 20 kilometres from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur has evolved into a self-contained hub of higher education institutions, cafes, independent retail businesses, and a variety of intriguing activities to enjoy with a group of close friends and family. With so many Subang Jaya attractions to check out, here are some of the best places that you should visit.

1. Sim Flight KL

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport is home to Sim Flight KL, a virtual flight simulation centre. Non-motion simulations, which are ideal for both novices and experienced pilots, allow participants to try their hand at operating their preferred aircraft (Boeing 737NG or Airbus A320) from the safety of the solid ground.

Participants can learn basic aircraft handling procedures by taking off and landing at numerous well-known airports worldwide or flying at a leisurely speed during the cruise flight simulation, which lasts between 20 minutes and an hour. Sim Flight KL excellently caters to persons who want to live the life of an expert pilot for a day, with experienced captains and cutting-edge virtual simulation technology.

2. Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit

Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most popular go-kart tracks for both professional and recreational go-karting. Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit is an exhilarating activity with a good combination of tight, tricky bends and longer straights around an outdoor circuit, measuring around 990 metres in length. Speedway PLUS in Kuala Lumpur emphasises the significance of discipline, respecting the limits of their vehicles, and honouring a driver’s skills in addition to the fast and furious action.

When it comes to go-karting, there are strict laws in place, with kart fans being trained about road safety and driving tactics before hitting the circuit as many times as they want under a set time limit. One of the company’s plans to promote the young motorsport business and develop future national champions is the Speedway PLUS Circuit.

3. One City

One City, off the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) expressway in Putra Heights, offers a variety of retail, food and beverage, entertainment, and value-for-money service establishments. The shopping mall, which is divided into three areas – Sky Park, The Place, and The Garden Shoppe – is well-known for its 12-foot atrium, providing natural light to every mall floor. On the 10th level of Sky Park, there are rooftop restaurants with spectacular views of the cityscape, as well as a glass floor with a dizzying ten-story drop.

Set in a beautiful garden landscape setting, The Garden Shoppe offers an array of food joints offering local delicacies and kiosks selling fashion apparel from independent brands, affordable jewellery, and unique trinkets.

4. RC Planet

RC Planet is a hobby business in Subang Jaya that sells various radio-controlled miniature cars. This store offers competent customer service and knowledgeable staff, as well as an outdoor race track where RC enthusiasts and beginners alike may put their talents to the test. RC Planet also hosts many local and international tournaments due to its fast-growing fan base.

Suspension kits, motors, bodywork, radios, and batteries are just a few of the aftermarket items available at RC Planet. RC Planet is the ideal stop for RC product lovers, with two more retail shops (Ikano Power Centre in Petaling Jaya and KOMTAR in Penang).

5. TT Sports Park

One of the most popular paintball locations in Kuala Lumpur is TT Sports Park, located near Subang Ria Park. The jungle court is one of three playing environments at TT Sports Park, including two tournament-sized fields and one leisure field. The jungle court appeals to more hardcore paintball aficionados, with overgrown flora and fallen trees as camouflage.

In contrast, the two fields include brightly coloured artificial forts and barricades for a more relaxed tournament session. Paintball enthusiasts will have the time of their life with specially constructed play spaces to accommodate any gameplay style and top-of-the-line equipment such as goggles, paintball guns, pressurised gas, and pellets.

6. Subang Ria Park

The oldest recreational park in Subang Jaya is Subang Ria Park. It’s next to Sime Darby Medical Centre and spans 72.6 acres of lush nature, along with a big lake and panoramic views of Subang Jaya. Jogging, cycling, relaxing, and picnicking by the lake are just a few of the activities available at this park.

TT Sports Park, located in Subang Ria Park, is the country’s largest paintball park. Those seeking thrills can visit this recreational park for a round of adrenaline-pumping pleasure. There’s also an open-air theatre that holds cultural performances, small-scale events, and even community and environmental discussions.

7. Clay Expression

Clay Expression is a pottery studio in Subang Jaya that allows people of all ages to try their hand at making beautiful ceramic and clay work. It was founded in 2001. Thanks to its spacious and cosy setting, the studio is a popular site for pottery lovers and novices alike for art-related talks and design ideas.

Clay Expression also offers pottery lessons, workshops, bespoke works, group exhibitions, and school field trips, including art supplies and tools. Professional advice on ceramics, pottery, and clay is one of Clay Expression’s additional services. The studio is ideal for individuals who want to get their hands dirty while creating a piece of art to take home, with skilled staff and educational classes.

Visitors seeking an adrenaline rush can enjoy go-karting on Malaysia’s longest track, while art lovers can peruse the works of art in an exclusive boutique art gallery. Whatever you are interested in, there will surely be more than enough places to visit in Subang Jaya that cater to all tastes.