Top 10 Taiping Attractions (2021)

Taiping is a city in Perak, Malaysia. Taiping is a settlement in Perak, Malaysia that is among the best sustainable cities on the planet. It receives a lot of attention because it is Peninsular Malaysia’s wettest town. Taiping, as one of the first malachite mining settlements in Malaysia, may be characterized by its water and greenery.

Taiping is also known as the “City of Peace” and the “Birthplace of Modernity”. The first railway line and station, telegraph office, post office, and lake garden are among its firsts. Taiping’s major attractions include cuisine, colonial architecture, and street art.

1. Taiping Lake Gardens

Taiping Lake Gardens, located in Taiping, is one of the most popular attractions in the region. The 64-hectare garden was built on an abandoned tin mine site. It is visited for its aesthetic and magnificent beauty, and it’s a sight to see during sunrise and sunset due to its 10 man made lakes and ponds. The huge Rain Trees can also be found at Taiping Lake Gardens. The tree appears to be bending down as if to drink water from the lake when taken for a picnic.
The Taiping Lake Gardens are kept with great care and provide a recreational getaway in the middle of nature. Tall bamboo, pines, and other trees are planted all around, allowing for a peaceful scene!

2. Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut)

The magnificent Bukit Larut, which is located 1250 meters above sea level and is only 10 kilometers from Taiping in Malaysia’s Perak province, is a beautiful hill station with lush greenery. The station was established during the 1880s as a refuge. Maxwell Hill had previously been known as Bukit Larut and is renowned for its fragrant, chilly air, walking trails, and foggy mornings.

The top of Bukit Larut is one of the most enjoyable parts. The 10km trek from Taiping takes roughly two and a half hours round trip, as well as being moderately demanding. The summit may also be reached by taking advantage of the government land rovers (RM10 for a round trip) available at the base station. Please note that private cars are not permitted on the hill road. At the upper station of Bukit Larut, there is a telecom tower with an amazing 360-degree view. Nature thrives in this area, which contains more than 600 species of plant life and over 200 species of birds.

3. Taiping Zoo

The Taiping Zoo, also known as the Sultan Idris Shah of Taman Mergastua, is a zoological park in Taiping, Perak Malaysia. This menagerie is located at the foot of the Maxwell or Larut hill and overlooks the beautiful Taiping Lake Gardens. The Taiping Zoo has more than 2,000 creatures including 180 indigenous and exotic species of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles!

Tigers, lions, elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes, hornbills, orangutans, Malaysian tigers, lion, siamangs, deer, nilgai , night heron and a variety of other animals can be seen here. The animals in this park include big cats like leopards and lions as well as lesser cats such as cheetahs and servals.

4. Perak Museum

Perak Museum is a modest public museum in Malaysia’s Perak state that serves as a symbol of the city of Taiping. It was established by Sir Hugh Low, the fourth British Resident of Perak, in 1883. This athenaeum has an incredible 8474 exhibits, including 5074 cultural collections, 523 nature-based collections, and 2877 miscellaneous ones.

The artifacts on display in the early years of this museum were based on ethnography, zoology, botany, and geology. The work here is split into four galleries titled Natural Gallery, Cultural Gallery, Indigenous People Gallery, and Temporary Gallery. This museum houses a wealth of archaeological artifacts including binturong and pulasan carcasses as well as animal skeletons and extinct smoked clay objects dating back to the 1800s. The architecture from the Perak Museum is reminiscent of ancient British architectural style. You could add a trip to Taiping Lake Garden and Taiping Zoo to your itinerary while visiting Perak Museum.

5. Wonder Farm Mushrooms

The Taiping Mushroom Farm in Malaysia is a family-owned and managed business that has been operating for more than 30 years. Various kinds of mushrooms, such as the Oyster mushroom, Grey Oyster mushroom, Reishi Mushroom (Ling Zhi), and Tigermilk Mushroom, are cultivated and sold here through organic farming.

This organic mushroom farm offers a fascinating and educational tour of the mushrooms. Walk-ins are informed about the components and procedures involved in this plant, as well as the sort of environment needed for mushroom growth, during this detailed walkabout. Different mushrooms have been cultivated in the greenhouse here. Mr. Tan, the owner, goes through each mushroom’s development during this guided visit in detail. Besides that, visitors may go to the fungus shop to get some supplies.

6. Aun Tong Coffee Mill

Aun Tong Coffee Mill is Malaysia’s first coffee mill. The Antong Café brand of coffee is produced by the Taiping coffee plant, which is located in the main town. It’s also known for producing some excellent locally brewed coffees, such as Ipoh and Durian. The factory exhibits how coffee is grown, roasted, and processed.

A video is played in the mill that goes through the coffee-making procedure in detail, allowing some free coffee sampling and tasting before purchasing. The factory also has an adjacent shop called Sun Yat Sen Coffee Machinery Museum, which sells high-quality coffee powder, biscuits, and roti kok and serves as a historical information center about Sun Yat Sen.

7. Taiping War Cemetery

The Allied Office and Servicemen Martyrs’ Cemetery is a burial ground for allied office staff and military personnel who perished in the second world war. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission erected and maintains this cemetery in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. Of the 850 people buried here, 500 are still unidentified. The majority of these interred persons came from the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Malaysia, or were of Gurkha origin.

Concluded in two sections of ground, this graveyard is divided into two parts: a Christian cemetery on the southeast side of the road and a non-Christian cemetery on the opposite side. A cross of sacrifice marks the southeastern boundary, and a Stone of Remembrance separates these Christian and non-christian sections. Jalan Bukit Larut is a street that serves as a demarcation line between these Christian and non-Christian areas of the cemetery. If the regiment’s badge is known, a white granite headstone with that symbol is installed. If not, a plain white granite headstone with their regimental badge is used. Muslim graves are positioned in such a way that they face Mecca, following Islamic beliefs.

8. All Saints Church

The oldest Christian church in Malaysia, All Saints Church is a charming wooden edifice in Taiping. This church, which was founded in 1886 and sanctified in 1887, is the country’s first Christian temple. With gothic architectural design, this chapel is made of meranti panels with hardwood frames and a louvered tower that contains four tubular bells. This church has a timber facade with stained glass dating from 1911.

Adjacent to this church is a tiny graveyard. This cemetery is packed with elaborate tombstones from some Europeans and young soldiers who perished in battle. In 2008, this century-old sanctuary underwent some upgrades. This holy place of worship, aside from an administrative center, is well equipped with restrooms, choir rooms, libraries, and vicarage apartments. The main hall at this religious site may comfortably accommodate 350 worshippers at once.

9. Burmese Pool

The Burmese Pool, better known as Kolam Renang Batu Besar, is a big rock pool along a stream in Taiping, Malaysia. Although this rock pool is rather large it is only shallow. Because this pool is located in the rainforest, visitors must trek through the Taiping Lake Gardens to find the sign indicating towards Burmese Pool.

This tourist destination is regarded as a great spot for family gatherings and picnics. Butterfly fans, trackers, swimmers, and explorers will like this location for certain. There is a souvenir shop here where you can purchase everything you need for a picnic, including mats and rubber tubes. Also near the pool is an ice-cream vendor. Combining your visit to the Burmese Pool with Taiping War Cemetery, Taiping Lake Garden, and Maxwell Hill may be a good idea.

10. Taiping Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Taiping is a notable monument in the town’s center. It was originally built of wood and timber before being rebuilt with bricks in 1890. Despite the fact that there are many identical structures in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, this is Malaysia’s oldest clock tower. The clock tower was originally square-shaped but it has since been demolished. It is located near to where Jalan Kota meets Jalan Kota in Taiping. Today, it serves as a tourist information center with maps and information about Taiping.

There is no entry path to the top of the tower, but it is wonderful from afar. There is a replica of a medieval red-colored phone booth outside the visitor center, since it was built during British colonial days. The 20 meter high tower has a brick-colored pyramid-shaped roof with precision cut arches above a tiny weather vane in the form of a rooster. The building’s middle contains an open and airy balcony enclosure with flags decorating it, located directly over the main entrance, which features two red doors on each side.

Given all of the attractions, Taiping fully justifies its moniker as “the Heritage Town” in a variety of ways. Few people are familiar with Taiping and its splendor, but it may be a pleasant surprise for you!