Top 7 Mersing Attractions (2021)

Mersing is a town on Malaysia’s peninsular state of Johor’s east coast. The little semi-tourist town is nothing more than a pit stop for most travelers on their route to Pahang’s Tioman Island. The majority of people aren’t aware, however, that the district also comprises 36 islands.

Mersing, in reality, should be renowned for its lovely islands, which are ideal for visiting in the summer. Mersing also serves as the hub for the city’s passenger boat jetty, from which boats depart daily towards a number of surrounding islands.

1. Rawa Island

This coral island is named Rawa, after the colloquial Malay term for white doves (pied imperial pigeon), which are common on the island. Harimau and Mensirip are two nearby islands. It nearly feels like a private island due to the small population on the island. A pure white sand beach is found on one side of the island, while a rocky vertical cliff can be seen on the other.

The perfectly pristine sea is home to fish, squids, jellyfish, octopuses, and sharks. The seas of Rawa are rich with corals and perfect for snorkeling. Paddle or sail to nearby deserted islands, or go to the hilltop to soak in the panoramic view or watch the stars at night to enjoy this tropical paradise to its fullest.

2. Pulau Sibu

Sibu Island is made up of several smaller islands, and there are a number of villas available for rent, perfect for a honeymoon or simply to unwind from a stressful lifestyle. Trekking up the hill through the jungle of the island in the evening can lead you to the majestic view of Sibu at sunset under the bright orange sky at sunset. Other fun activities on the island include island hopping, sunrise cruises, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Kayaks and paddleboards can also be rented.

3. Tekek Village

Kampung Tekek is the largest village, located between Paya and Ayer Batang along a 3-kilometer coastline length in the central west of Tioman Island. Although the entire island of Tioman is declared a duty-free zone, the main duty-free shop, Vision Duty-Free, is located in Tekek Village.

There is an option of cycling to explore the island if you are interested in cycling. All you need to do is rent a bicycle at Tekek village, where most visitors start their trip to Marine Park or farther north to Air Batang Village. Apart from that, as the administrative center for the island, Kampung Tekek features an array of facilities.

Among those found here are immigration offices, banks, government buildings, schools, clinics, mosques, and more. The village has many seafood restaurants, bistros, and bars by the beach with a sunset view. It is where you can relax at night and enjoy the cool breeze from the sea while having beer or cocktails after exhausting outdoor activities.

4. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest

Arong is a desirable trekking spot for beginners, as the terrain elevation above sea level is believed to be around 240 meters, and the climb up will take approximately an hour. There are two entrances, one near the palm plantation and the other near the beach, where you must cross rocks and walk about 2 kilometers from the Teluk Gorek campground. If you are early enough, you will get to see the clear sight of the sun rising in its full glory. Please get permission from the Endau office before proceeding.

5. Air Papan Beach (Pantai Air Papan)

If you want to relax on a tropical beach while getting a tan and swimming in the sea, Air Papan Beach is the right spot for you. Air Papan Beach is arguably the most underrated beach in Mersing, Johor. The beach is mostly uncrowded, so feel free to make your ballet move in the backdrop of sunset for a photoshoot. This serene beach is the perfect place for camping and a picnic.

6. Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park, located in Mersing, is one of Malaysia’s most visited national parks. Endau Rompin covers an area of around 870 km² in Peninsula Malaysia’s rainforests, comprising the watersheds of the rivers Endau and Rompin. The second-largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia is a gem for campers and trekkers who love photography. Try trekking at Endau Rompin National Park if you enjoy adventure and want to test your fitness. It might provide you with the thrill of having the bottom portion of your body drenched in waterfalls. If you wish to try camping, there is a huge campground just close to the waterfall.

7. Dayang Island

Pulau Dayang is one of the popular island destinations for beach vacation seekers, especially among snorkeling enthusiasts. Pulau Dayang is one of the four islands under the care of Johor’s Marine Park, including the islands Aur, Lang, and Pemanggil. Divers flock to Pulau Dayang for its several diving ports, including Captain’s Point, Dayang Tip, Rayners Rock, Telok Jawa, and The Dayang Jetty. Continue your snorkeling adventure on Lang Island, where you’ll find an abundance of coral and fish. You could have fun activities like sunset tours, hiking to hilltop views, and scuba diving too!

8. Pulau Babi Tengah

In 1997, Pulau Babi Tengah, also known as Pulau Tengah was used to shoot the first season of the Swedish show Expedition Robinson. Today, this island can be simply identified as a paradise with an exclusive high-end resort, Batu Batu, as well as a sea turtle conservation center. Batu Batu is located on the southern tip of the island and is designed in the traditional Malaysian kampung style to integrate with the stunning landscapes of the island.

Mersing, with its private islands and luxury resorts, is desirable for a relaxing beach retreat. It is one of Malaysia’s most photogenic locations. So, sunbathe while sipping coconut water or go for a refreshing swim in the sea. Aside from that, guests may participate in other fascinating sports such as kayaking and diving.