Top 5 Maran Attractions (2021)

Maran is named after Sultan Mahmud, who reigned from 1604 to 1635 when Pahang was then known as the Kingdom of MARAN. Sultan Mahmud was responsible for extending feudalism in Pahang by building forts and castles that were used to collect taxes and to monitor the movement of goods in Pahang. His reign was very much the reason Pekan enjoyed a golden age from 1620 until 1670. That was when Pahang entered a period of decline that lasted until the beginning of the 19th century. Sultan Mahmud was buried in MARAN, which is where Kuala Tahan is located.

Besides its historical value, Maran is also known for its impressive wildlife and flora, including the Malayan tapir (daging papan), barking deer (kijang Kelantan), gibbons, bears, hornbills and thousands of birds. Maran is also home to pheasants and pythons and the river banks teeming with monitor lizards and deer.

1. Teladas Waterfall

The entrance to get to Teladas Waterfall is along the Kanching-Raub road. About 1 kilometre after passing by Fire Station Museum at Raub town where you will reach a bridge which is the starting point of the waterfall trail. The signs are quite clear on where to go, so there is no reason to worry about getting lost.

The trail is also well maintained, so if you are wearing proper footwear, there should not be that much difficulty when trekking up and down the hills (or stairs). Upon reaching the end of the trail, there are several huge rocks that act as comfortable benches for picnicking or a platform to bask in the sun.
If you love a good hike, Teladas Waterfall will definitely give you a good challenge. There’s also a river that runs through it where you can go rafting too! The water is quite cool and refreshing even during non-rainy days, so pack your bags and start planning!

2. Chetak Keris Sculpture of Kanching

About 5 minutes away from the trail entrance of Teladas Waterfall, here lies the amazing sculpture made out of steel rods depicting a scene from a famous Malaysian legend, Taming Sari. On one end, you can see an elephant structure that symbolizes Malaysia as a whole, while on the other end lies a scimitar encased in a pommel of paddy depicting Malaysia’s unity with the paddy industry.

Taming Sari is one of the most famous legends told by Malaysians, especially those who are born in Kedah state. It tells about an old man living alone with his granddaughter Taming Sari, who was being taunted by the villagers that she would only bring them bad luck. One day however, her grandfather managed to capture an elephant which also brought them great fortune and fame because elephants used to be quite common back then but very few would actually tame them as they posed quite a threat to humans given their large size. The rest of the story goes on to how he manages to tame this wild beast and thus change his life for the better.

Experience this story for yourself as you marvel at how life-like and realistic Chetak Keris Sculpture really is! It’s also a great place to take pictures as well, free of charge!

3. Hutan Lipur Lubuk Yu

Hutan Lipur Lubuk Yu is a pahang hidden gem. It is only 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur and you can easily get there by car or motorcycle. You’ll be surprised how untouched and clean the forest is. The huge pines and teaks are beautiful to look at, not to mention that it makes for great shade while trekking around in the hot weather! “Lubuk Yu” has two amazing waterfalls, also perfect for taking some memorable photos with your friends! A few photos are just never enough during holidays right? After all of that walking around you’ll definitely need some rejuvenation, so I suggest trying out some finger-licking local food in the nearby villages while you’re exploring this beauty spot.

4. Kota Belud

Kota Belud is another piece of history that was once inhabited by pahlawans. At the Pahlawan Museum you can visit, a replica of a pahlawan’s tombstone from pengkalan Chepa is also on display which is pretty cool! In Kota Belud, you can also visit the Telaga Air Terjun, another beautiful place to check out during weekends. Penglipur Lara shows can also be seen here! Penglipur Lara is a super fun show to watch, especially for pahlawans and penglipur lara enthusiasts!

Besides that, Kota Belud is a great place to get your caffeine fix with all the cafes around.The night market is also pretty awesome here and you’ll definitely find catchy places to take pictures at. With penglipur Lara, Pahlawan Museum and Telaga Air Terjun found around Kota Belud, it’s no wonder most tourists and locals love coming here!

5. Jerangkang Waterfall

It is not well-known to tourists, but for Pahang locals, it is one of the most visited attractions there. It is about 5 hours from Pahang capital Pekan. For locals, especially from the west coast, it is a must-visit place. It can be reached by car or motorbike, and for the local people, there are bus services that depart from Pahang to a Malay water village called Sekayu which is just about 15 minutes away from Jerangkang Waterfall. Almost every Pahang west coast villager has been here at least once because it can be reached from Pahang in only a few hours drive. It is a must-see for people during their Pahang holidays because it has so much to offer. The surroundings of the waterfalls are open fields and there are plenty of wild cows grazing there. There is a pond with some fish and even prawns sometimes which you can catch for free if you are a fishing enthusiast.

A few pomegranate trees can be found there where you can try your hand at pomegranate picking. Another thing to note is that there are many species of birds flying around the area and they are very tame, especially during breakfast time. You can buy prawn noodles from a nearby Malay village, bring it over and enjoy prawn pomfret in a pomegranate prawn broth by the waterfall. You can even pick pomegranates from a nearby pomegranate tree and eat them while you watch the sunset there. It is a great way to spend a day during your Pahang holiday trip.

Once you have visited Maran, you’ll be excited to go back again. Although not the biggest state in Pahang, it is still one to be cherished and enjoyed more than once with its abundance of activities and places of interest to keep you always wanting more.