Top 9 Seremban Attractions (2021)

Situated approximately 60 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur, Seremban District is a city and the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Seremban is noted for its unique cuisine, which combines Malay, Chinese, and Indian flavours. Most notably, Siew Pau, which is well-known and commonly found across the city. It is a bun with a flaky and buttery crust filled with meat fillings, typically pork or chicken. As one of the most vibrant cities of Malaysia, it has plenty to offer everyone. So enjoy the city that serenades visitors with historical-cultural attractions, beautiful parks and amazing farms!

1. Jelita Ostrich Farm

Visitors are invited to the vast Jelita Ostrich Farm situated within the compound of State Veterinary to pet and feed ostriches, tour the petting zoo and ride an ostrich. A tour guide will lead you to a tour around Jelita Ostrich Farm, where the tour guide is committed to sharing all necessary information about ostriches. Inside the tour, tourists can enjoy watching the ostrich race and take pictures with them. Remember to wear converse shoes because you will need to really test the strength of ostrich eggs by standing on them! It is also home to many other animals such as cows, goats, deer, horses, porcupines, rabbits, monkeys and different types of birds. You can also buy different products like ostrich oil, ostrich eggs, key chains, etc.

2. Royal Gallery Tuanku Ja’afar

The Royal Gallery Tuanku Ja’afar is dedicated to the former Agong and Sultanate of Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Ja’afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman. The structure of the building is based on the concept of modern colonial architectural style. The displays include his contribution as the Agong, his life history, royal fashion. Aside from the gallery, the hall space of the building can be rented for weddings and other events. Apart from the exhibits, the garden is a worthwhile stroll, and one of the oldest rubber trees can be found there.

3. Taman Seni Budaya Negeri Sembilan

Taman Seni Budaya Negeri Sembilan is a museum of culture, arts and history located in central Negeri Sembilan. Located along Jalan Sungai Ujong, the museum is a fantastic place for art lovers to visit and learn more about Minangkabau architecture. The building itself is a Minangkabau architecture. The Minangkabau community settled in Negeri Sembilan in the fifteenth century under the protection of the Malacca Sultanate. The Minangkabau culture is well known for its matrilineality, Adat Perpatih which is still practised in most parts of the state. The replicas, artefacts and pictures along with the detailed description will provide you with a wealth of information about the state’s culture and variety.

4. Centipede Temple

Then Tze Temple or widely known as the Centipede Temple honours a lot of deities of both The Taoist and Buddhist including the statue of Guanyin and money frog. It is the highest Taoist temple in Negeri Sembilan. Because the temple is at the top of Wu Gong Hill, which is located along Jalan Temiang, elderly people may find taking the stairs to this temple quite challenging. But once atop the temple, the view of the entire Seremban would be guaranteed to be breathtaking.

There are several explanations about the name of the temple. First, according to legend, God transformed a man into a rock ship that could never sail and dumped him on Bukit Jung. His mother, is believed, was reincarnated as a centipede and lived beside the rock. Although there are no centipedes near the temple nowadays, a massive stone centipede has been built. In any case, finding a centipede in the temple compound is supposed to bring good luck and wealth. Aside from religious activities and the town’s beautiful scenery, the children may feed fish, tortoises, and rabbits there.

5. Taman Tasik Seremban

Taman Tasik Seremban is a recreational park located along Jalan Taman Bunga, Taman Tasek Seremban. It is famous for its natural scenery, man-made lake and grassy picnic spots. Recently, the municipality has introduced water activities such as kayaking and paddle boat rides. On Sunday morning, you can see the local community walking, running, and practising tai chi and Falun Gong. The beautifully landscaped park is also a popular photographic location. Come here to re-energize your mind and spirit while trying your hand at photography.

6. Sri Sendayan Mosque

Masjid Sri Sendayan is a peaceful mosque with beautiful architecture located in Seremban, Malaysia. The design of the mosque resembles the Taj Mahal and Nabawi Mosque with a touch of Ottoman architecture. Zailan Yusop, the architect for the Sri Sendayan Mosque, claimed to have visited Dubai and Turkey several times in search of inspiration. The peaceful Masjid Sri Sendayan has intricate features such as the khat calligraphy, done by the Turkish Master of Calligraphy, Hasan Çelebiin in its architecture and gives a serene facade.

Photographers will never want to miss the opportunity to photograph the massive and magnificent mosque against the backdrop of the sunset. Non-Muslims are welcome to enter the mosque, with the exception of the prayer area, provided they follow the dress code.

7. Gunung Angsi Trailhead (Bukit Putus)

For those who enjoy the outdoors and the thrill of being in nature, a hiking excursion is a necessity. Bukit Putus is one of the best-hiking sites for hikers in Seremban and the surrounding area, ranking as the second most popular hiking trail in Negeri Sembilan. It will take you around an hour and a half to climb the mountain and another hour and a half to descend. Due to the steep sections, the first one and a half kilometres of the path is quite difficult. If you become exhausted, take a break at one of the trail’s small gazebos or benches. When you reach the top and see the stunning view, you will know the climb was a beautiful and rewarding experience.

8. Seremban Central Market (Pasar Besar Seremban)

Seremban wet market holds a special place in their hearts, as it has been around for decades along Jalan Tuanku Munawir in the heart of the Seremban town. On the first level, the wet market continues to provide a variety of breakfast dishes to locals. Many people come to the market just to get their favourite traditional cuisine from the multicultural hawkers in the market. Mee goreng mamak, beef noodles, idli, cuttlefish bihun, and yong tau fu are some of the local favourites. The traditional wet market on the ground floor offers a wide range of fresh products, including fresh fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables, spices, coconut milk, and other grocery goods.

9. Kepayang Hill Temple

Kepayang Hill Temple is a hundred-year-old Hindu shrine dedicated to seven virgin deities: Biramme, Mageswary, Gaumaree, Varaagi, Vyshnavi, Magenthari, and Chamundi. Virgins’ Temple, Arulmigu Maha Sapthakannika Devi Kuil Temple, and Kanni Kuil are some of the other names for it. The temple is often visited by Hindus especially during the festive season, like Pongal and Deepavali. Besides Hindu devotees, non-Hindus also come to the place signifying its beauty. It’s incredible that such a serene temple can be discovered on the steep, narrow driveway of Kepayang Hill. The Sendayan and Seremban towns can be seen from the top view due to their location. The temple is surrounded by beautiful greenery and a number of monkeys.

The attractions here are so abundant that you can easily fill up your schedule without much fuss. Among the top things to do in Seremban, is to tour the Jelita Ostrich Farm and learn about the Minangkabau architecture in Taman Seni Budaya Negeri Sembilan. The tranquil Sri Sendayan Mosque offers unexpected photo opportunities as well as a relaxing atmosphere. For the more spiritually inclined, there are plenty of options to satisfy their quest for serenity. The quiet Kepayang Hill Temple, which houses seven virgin deities and offers soothing views of the town below, is a peaceful haven. The Centipede Temple is another lovely site. This beautiful temple houses both Taoist and Buddhist deities, ensuring that everyone finds peace. Inhale serenity and exhale stress as you trek up the serene Gunung Angsi Trailhead. The contentment of Seremban.