Top 7 Kangar Attractions (2021)

Kangar is the state’s capital and it used to be a historical city. There are many things to do there and Kangar still remains an important part of Perlis even though its population is only about 6600 people. It has been developed into a modern town with many amenities for locals and tourists alike. The river runs through the middle of Kangar, making it a very picturesque place to visit at any time as you get to enjoy the calm waters reflecting the sky or trees on either side of the river bank cast long shadows on the water.

1. Bukit Keteri

This limestone karst formation, which resembles two towers standing next to each other and is encircled by rice paddies that stretch to the horizon, is one of the greatest Perlis attractions for rock climbers. The site is a 2-hour drive from Kangar, the capital of Perlis. The best times to visit are from November to February when the weather is cooler. Early morning is the most popular time for mountain climbers because the shadows from the sun later in the day make it more difficult to scale the rocks.

If you are not keen on challenging your endurance by climbing up these limestone towers, you can choose to rappel down from the top!

2. Alwi Mosque

The Alwi Mosque is one of the oldest man-made Perlis attractions, having been constructed in 1933 with donations from the local people. This mosque was designated a national treasure in 2018, which was a great honor for the local community. The mosque is made of wood, which makes it easy to distinguish from the other more imposing structures in the area.

Although the wooden structure of the mosque is now in a bad state, thanks to regular repairs and renovations, it can still house up to 500 worshippers. The tiles on the exterior of the mosque were imported from North Sumatra. You can even see bricks with Chinese motifs as Perlis was known as a trading state back in those earlier days. The black dome on this beautiful white structure, one of the most distinguishing features of this mosque that was named after the King of Perlis at the time, is one of its most distinctive features.

3. Hutan Simpanan Hutan Perhutanan Perlis

The Forest Research Forestry Park of Perlis is home to many different species that are native to the state. A visit here offers visitors a glimpse into the biodiversity of the region, which means you’ll be travelling through different climate zones as you make your way around this park. While most other parks focus on one type of plant or animal per area, this park has over ten per square kilometre, making it one of the best places for nature lovers visiting Kangar.

4. Museum of Ancient Manuscripts

The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Kampung Tanjong Tok Kaya is dedicated to preserving artifacts that were discovered here during the excavation process for a new school building. Headquarters were established at this site after it was found to be rich in archaeological material, which make up some of the ancient Perlis attractions on display inside this museum today. The site also has remains of fortresses and other fortifications which date back hundreds of years.

5. Malaysian Agricultural Research Institute (MARDI)

The Malaysian Agricultural Research Institute in Kuala Perlis used to be called the Agricultural Station before it was renamed after independence because it provided technical assistance on agriculture, fisheries, livestock breeding and forestry back when it was first established. Visitors who visit can look forward to seeing some of the products of Mardi’s research efforts, including new plant varieties and livestock breeds.

6. Lata Iskandar Waterfall Park

The first waterfall park in Malaysia, Lata Iskandar of course has lots of water cascading down from its perch atop a mountain of limestone gracing this attraction with some of the most amazing natural scenery that visitors shouldn’t miss out on seeing when visiting Kangar attractions. Handcrafted sculptures, gardens, pergolas, and bridges grace the area to provide relief for tired visitors’ feet on their way up to the base of the waterfalls.

7. Bukit Berangan Beach

Bukit Berangan is a hilltop perched over the sea, and it’s named after a Perak term for “lots of money.” The name is derived from the fact that it was also formerly known as “the balcony of Kangar. It’s also one of Malaysia’s most popular attractions since it offers one of the country’s finest seaside vistas, especially at sunset when you can admire Mother Nature’s brilliant pinks and purples being painted across the sky. The beach is usually crowded on weekends, when families come to spend their weekend tanning during the sunny season. If you don’t arrive early, however, parking might be a problem; therefore, try to get there as early as possible or travel by bus.

With many historical and cultural sites, Kangar, Perlis is a state full of surprises. With modern amenities for locals as well as tourists to enjoy while they embrace everything that this beautiful town has in store – you’ll never be bored!