Top 9 Batu Gajah Attractions (2021)

Batu Gajah is a small town in Malaysia that has been the site of many battles and skirmishes between natives, European colonists and China. The original name for this place was Bengkulu Jaya but it became known as Batulicin when James Brooke established his colony here following his capture from Governor General’s Palace by local Bugis warriors after he had lost an arm at their hands during battle; they later renamed him “King” upon victory!The Battle of Bukit Pelandok took place here in 1875 between the British and Chinese during which many local Song Ling Kongsi members were killed, leading to their eventual control of this area by the Colonial Government.

Today, the remnants of what was can be found around this town with its many historical sites where you can even see evidence of battle on these grounds with cannonballs still embedded in some walls.

1. Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 (TT5)

TT5, known locally as “Dredge 5” because it’s part of an old mining system that was used to extract tin from the 18th century until the 1990s when they started using modern techniques. The name “Tanjung Tual” comes from two words – meaning cliff and waterfall that are present near this area which make up for breathtaking views during sunrise or sunset time.

Tanjung Tualang offers many activities such as mountain climbing, camping and hiking. The vast forest surroundings make it a good site for team building camps. It is also an ideal place for doing some picnics and out-door activities with family and friends. If you visit here, don’t forget to bring your camera and take photos of the beautiful scenery that can be found here.

Also there are lots of bats flying around which attract tourists to come see them at night-time because they look like small black clouds when they come together in one place. Each time we disturb the bats, there will be a huge empty space created as if something has been sucked from the air as a result of their flying away from us.

There are a number of other interesting sites to visit in the Tanjung Tualang area such as Bukit Jelutong, Kuala Dipang, Sungai Tinggi Beach and Seri Wendall.

2. Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is a beautiful example of Irish architecture. The story goes that it was originally built as an inn back in 1698 by Mr Thomas Kearney to house travelers on their way through the bogland, but alas! Over time this dream became tinged with sadness since he never lived long enough for its completion and now serves only as inspiration behind many novels spanning generations about people who are doomed to die young due not being able survive “sans-courage” or lack thereof I should say.

It continued on and later on in 1810 the castle had fallen into the hands of an English landowner by the name of William Kellie Smith who then renovated the place into a fresh new castle with many Irish-style designs and architecture. Unfortunately, he died young as well at age 28 after he had contracted tuberculosis while serving in India, again dying before witnessing its completion. More interestingly, legend has it that his ghost still haunts the place to this day with sightings of a young man in military garb being witnessed by many tourists who have visited there!

The castle currently houses many artifacts and paintings that were acquired if not commissioned by William Kellie Smith during his time. Visitors are allowed free entrance once in a while when they decorate the place with fresh flowers during special occasions such as today’s Valentine’s day where it is said to be particularly romantic there.

3. Batu Gajah Christian Cemetery

The Batu Gajah Christian Cemetery is a peaceful oasis in the bustling city. The neatly manicured graves are lined with white stones that stand out against lush green grass, each having its own story to tell about how people lived their lives before they passed away – from settling disputes through petitions and prayers for lost loved ones or finding forgiveness after committing sins so harsh even death wasn’t enough punishment anymore. It is a place of reflection and contemplation for one who wants to get away from the busy city where there used to be no such thing as privacy. It’s just you and your thoughts with nature surrounding you all around.

4. Lata Kinjang Waterfall

Another source of fun for visitors to this attraction is hiking up or down the slopes after taking a dip in the water below. The steepness of these hills make it tough going without proper footwear but it all comes off in time when the benefits are great enough.

5. Sungai Tinggi Beach

Just a mere 5 minutes away from Batu Gajah Waterfall is Sungai Tinggi Beach or popularly known as “Pantai Pasir Hitam” (literally means Black Sand Beach). Just like any other beach it has its own unique features. First of all, the sand isn’t actually black in color but dark brown hence the name which was derived from the time when the beach used to be covered with dark volcanic rocks instead prior to extensive excavation by locals in search for rocks and stones at low tide.

6. Taman Alam Flora Batu Gajah

This garden covers an area of about 5 acres and houses many species of animals including deer which visitors can feed with food bought from stalls located around the place or even bring their own packed lunch to have a picnic next to these gentle creatures. There are also various plants being cultivated here either for ornamental purposes or for agricultural ones such as rubber trees which are among the top 5 most planted trees in Malaysia. There is green everywhere you look and visitors would have to watch their step not to stumble on green vines or leaves from nearby plants.

7. Batu Gajah Zoo

Located just slightly away from Taman Alam Flora, this zoo is home to many animals including big cats like tigers and lions, primates like orangutans and chimpanzees, elephants with their baby ones (that are too cute for words), birds of all kinds with most noticeable colorful ones such as macaws and flamingos but only in the enclosure where they are kept can visitors get close enough to see these animals up-close.

8. Makam Mahsuri

If you’re into history stories then this is a must-visit place for you since the tomb has been there for over 400 years and is said to have been built by the Sultan of Perak, Abdullah. The beauty about this attraction is that it’s one of its kind in Malaysia because such mausoleums are not usually seen here on any particular scale. A visit would definitely bring out the inner historian in anyone who wants to know more about early Malaysian history.

9. Kek Lok Tong Temple

This temple is a place of worship for many local Buddhist people who would like to pay their respects and have their prayers answered. It’s said that anyone who wishes to have an audience with the god here must be extremely patient because it could take from a few minutes to a few hours just for you to think up of your wish and consider it but patience is truly a virtue that’s needed when dealing with anything in life.

Batu Gajah may seem to have little for tourists to do or see but still remains a historical site with the many sites and now with its ever growing tourism plans, it will continue to grow and become one of the many attractions to visit in Malaysia.