Top 5 Jerantut Attractions (2021)

If you are feeling stuck in your daily routine, why not explore Jerantut Town? This small but scenic town is in Pahang, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and is home to many hills. The town is the main transport hub for visiting the Taman Negara National Park.

1. Kota Gelanggi Cave Complex

The Kota Gelanggi Cave Complex is located about 30 kilometers from Jerantut, but it still manages to attract local visitors who want peace with their natural beauty preserved at all times of the year. A hidden gem! The name of Gelanggi comes from the Siamese word klang kio or gelang gio. Looking at its brick structure, Gua Kota may have been a village with nearby access to water since this is where communication routes were historically found before being replaced by newer ways of transportations.

The Kota Gelanggi Cave is often associated with various myths, including the notion that it originated from a lost city built in this area before being cursed by Sang Kelembai to become stone. According to legend, Raja Mambang who ruled Lipis is said to have requested the help of Sang Kelembai to destroy Kota Gelanggi after his son was killed in a fight with the prince of Bera, for fighting over the princess of Raja Gelanggi.

Sang Kelembai is believed to possess magical powers that can turn anyone and anything into stone. Due to the curse of Sang Kelembai, Kota Gelanggi turned to stone in a matter of days. There are a few caves in the Kota Gelanggi Cave Complex and the million-year-old stone formations at this great place will amaze you with their science.

There are several stalactites and stalagmites for all to marvel in! Kota Gelanggi is not just a beautiful and mysterious place to explore, but also an excellent site for weddings and pre-wedding photography. Couples looking for unique ideas on how to take their engagement or marriage photos should consider taking them at this location!

2. The Rimba Eco Park (Taman Eko Rimba Lata Meraung)

The Rimba Eco Park waterfall is a must-see for any nature lover. The place itself has not been maintained in ages, but you can still go to the magnificent waterfall and take in its beauty with water that is clear enough to see all of your reflection underneath it! It will feel like an escape from reality because this secluded area is not touristy at all. The drive to the waterfall will definitely be worth it. You will end up seeing so many different things on our way there, from rubber and banana plantations to indigenous villages! The waterfall is in the middle of nowhere, so you will feel like you are really in nature when you are near it. You can even go swimming there. It will be a very refreshing experience, especially after driving for hours on end to get to the location.

3. Pahang National Park

The Pahang National Park, Kuala Tahan is the greatest location to get back in touch with Mother Nature. The wildlife is definitely worth checking out if you’re into nature observation. For bird watchers, there are a number of bird species observed in Kuala Tahan including hornbills, flycatcher, trogon, pheasant and barbet. Other activities available at this wildlife habitat include river exploration, cave exploration and jungle trekking for visitors who wish to explore the natural heritage of the park by foot. To prevent leeches, it is highly suggested to wear long thick socks.

The highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia, Mount Tahan, is part of this national park and can be tough to conquer. A guide is necessary to help you through the challenging routes that may take up to 7 days or more depending on your fitness level! The guide will also educate you about the history of the forest reserve while taking care of your safety and also any animals you may encounter on your journey. The best time for a hike would be from March to August when there is less rain but hotter temperatures because Mount Tanah has cooler weather.

Exploring the deepest depths of nature’s forest is a very exciting prospect. The jungle will call out to you and it will be hard not to comply with its request for help on this adventure-filled journey! This may take some time but imagine spending your vacation in the amazing rainforest, walking through lush jungles and exploring waterfalls. If one does decide to stay overnight at hides, they should be sure to observe wildlife visiting salt licks nearby as well so that their experience isn’t just about seeing animals in cages or behind bars.

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort provides accommodation inside Taman Negara. There are other accommodations surrounding Kuala Tahan which include bungalows, suites, chalets and campsites outside Taman Negara that are managed by local people. You will be surprised by the natural beauty of the largest park in Malaysia.

4. Bukit Buluh

Bukit Buluh in Felda Padang Piol, Jerantut is called a red forest due to its abundance of trees with deep crimson bark and branches that stretch high into blue skies by the locals. It is fascinating how many people come from nearby townships just to get pictures taken among these scenic wonders. The pokok kelat gelam is a tree with intertwined roots and branches that are said to be very soft. It is not difficult for extreme sports enthusiasts to scale the peak, which reaches 371 meters in height. The climb will take around an hour from start to finish. The hiking trail begins at an oil palm plantation. Take your time once you’ve reached the top. This spot offers great views of nature’s beauty!

5. Bukit Seladang

Why not explore the hilly trails of Bukit Seladang? It’s only about 3 kilometers from Jerantut town. The height at which this mountain stands is almost 444 meters, so it won’t be too difficult to climb! Bukit Seladang which is located in Kampung Sungai Lekok here is also known as Bukit Pohon Sebatang. You can choose a late evening to catch the sunset view. It only takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach the summit, so why don’t you set a goal for yourself and attempt it? All those hours of rigorous exercise are worth it when finally standing on that mountain peak with nothing but clear blue skies laid out before you in every direction- there’s not much more satisfying than an adrenaline high like this one!

Everyone is always talking about Cameron Highlands, but not many people know that there is nature just waiting to be explored in Pahang. Jerantut is home to some of the most stunning nature on Earth. It is more of a town compared to the other more rural places, but it is still relatively unknown by many Malaysians. There are not many people in the district, so feel the solitude as you connect with the environment. Apart from being nicknamed the National Park City, the district is also famous for its terrain that is suitable for extreme activities including climbing. For nature lovers, nature walks and camping in a nature reserve is the best activity to do.