Top 5 Kota Tinggi Attractions (2021)

Kota Tinggi is a paradise for nature lovers with unique outdoor activities and untouched natural beauty. It’s a wonder that places like this still exist with constant expansion and upgrades. Take a look at our article about beautiful places to visit in Kota Tinggi if you want to learn more about the fantastic activities and experiences that await you.

1. Teluk Mahkota (Jason Bay)

Jason Bay is a 12-kilometre-long bay in Sedili, East Johor, that faces the South China Sea. The bay’s region is also known as Sidili among the locals. It’s a shallow bay with a refreshing sea breeze that is indeed ideal for recharging.

2. Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

The fireflies are best sighted during the rainy season and cooler weather. The spectacular view of fireflies near trees like Christmas trees wrapped up in bright shimmering lights makes the 45-minute boat ride worthy. Besides, the bushes lining the river edge during dusk are easy on the eye.

3. Kota Tinggi Firefly Valley Leisure Park

The firefly boat trip is one of Kota Tinggi’s most popular tourist attractions. You will be able to witness the splendour of glowing fireflies and the Johor River during the journey. The tour would also be entertaining and informative, as they would explain the firefly’s life cycle.

There is also a small animal farm where goats and fishes can be fed upon purchasing some food and a children’s play area is available for families to spend a couple of hours before enjoying the riverboat tour after dusk.

4. Air Terjun Gunung Pelepah

The breathtaking waterfall hike will reveal many cascades of falls. It is also a suitable place for all levels of swimmers as there are both deep and shallow lakes making it a versatile place to visit.

5. Kota Tinggi Waterfall

At Kota Tinggi Waterfall, you can experience both hiking and swimming. However, the hikers are required to get the permit beforehand. The cold freshwater, the chirping sound of the birds and monkeys around the waterfall, can connect anyone to nature and give a tranquil experience.

6. Koref Desaru Leisure Farm

This farm is an ecotourism countryside camping area with well-kept amenities that includes a variety of nature-based activities. Flying fox, kayaking, an eco water slide, and pond fishing are among the activities available. A morning farm tour is also included in the admission price for guests. Koref Desaru Leisure Farm is an excellent place for first-time campers and people with kids to get a feel of the presence of nature in a safe setting.